Exposure to the chairman of CEO computer network where employees angrily smashing and southern rap

NetEase Francisco March 14th news today, micro-blog claimed that where the network staff hit the computer to CEO and China Southern Airlines chairman, China Southern Airlines unilaterally announced that the next frame where the network ticket business, one where the network ticket staff emotional, smashed computer. In addition to an internal mail exposure, a senior staff questioned about the South China shelf where the network ticket business related matters, after fierce, where the network CEO Chen Zhenyu responded: thanks to speak loudly, this is the culture of the company, and said Qiu Hui last week has explained the situation, also suggested that the company party secretary Chen Mingying first time and the southern party secretary interviewed, exchange of information.

about the incident, the NetEase technology for the first time to verify where the network, found that.


micro-blog screenshot


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