Looking for nternet veterans the people who had mixed CFDO

CFIDO, mention the word, China’s first Internet will be bright. And today’s Internet is different, FIDO network is the platform of the BBS through the telephone line connected network, by way of point to forward the letter, is a technology enthusiasts to build an alternative communication network. CFIDO is the Chinese FIDO network. In 1991, settled in Beijing Taiwan Roy opened the "the Great Wall", this is the first FIDO site in the mainland.

it has brought together China’s first Internet users, but also gave birth to the Internet giant and a variety of technology after the big bull. Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, and then, at that time, the famous webmaster, Chinese army, and even hackers and Internet media, are active participants in the CFIDO. They communicate technology, talk about life, the first Internet, the most simple friendship. It can be said that CFIDO is the Enlightenment of China’s Internet, Ma Huateng and others through the CFIDO to understand the magic of the internet. It is CFIDO, Ding Lei resigned from the telecommunications industry in Ningbo, the impulse to create a NetEase.

in the CFIDO platform, out of the Ma Huateng, Qiu Baijun, Ding Lei, Lei Jun and other Internet heavyweights, but also out of the Gao Chunhui, Zhang Ga, Dai Zhikang, Hua Jun dominate the individual owners, as well as a large number of technical expert, such as once wrote "Chinese dragon 1, co founded the game simple crystal.

CFIDO no longer mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. Those who had mixed CFIDO people into three groups: to become part of the Internet gangster, is well known; the part has not been found; there is a part of the Internet, with the ups and downs, the ups and downs of destiny.

The first part of

Ma Huateng and Ding Lei have been well known; and those missing or change jobs, or work into the company, "obliterate all". This topic, we selected two with "ups and downs" on behalf of the internet.

is a Chinese army, insist on doing more than ten years of software download, a lot of individual owners to sell the company, or to start a business, or go to other companies to work, only the Chinese Army adhere to do the webmaster, has not changed.

is a Jane crystal. In 1992, he was only 23 years old in Yunnan launched the "Chinese dragon" 1 edition, and together founded OurGame Bao Yueqiao, 2004 left Lianzhong business again, because of the Internet is extremely disappointed to no longer venture, angel investors, now seeing the opportunity of the mobile Internet, start again.

The first generation of programmers

Jane crystal over

he is one of the earliest Chinese Internet, one of the most cattle programmers, the Internet is no longer disappointed after the venture, but the mobile Internet allows him to see new opportunities.


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