Microsoft will hit $100 million push its own search brand Kumo challenge Google

Beijing on April 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. "time" magazine website advertising published an article on Wednesday, the American advertising industry sources, from the beginning of June this year, Microsoft will invest 80 million to $100 million advertising money, for the promotion of Microsoft’s own search engine brand, Microsoft search to reshape the brand image, and ultimately to the competition Google, YAHOO and other rivals to challenge.

"Advertising Age" article said that Microsoft had previously hired the United States JWT advertising company specifically responsible for the above advertising matters, including advertising, television, printing, radio and online advertising, etc.. Since spring of this year Microsoft has the Live Search launched a marketing campaign in June this year, the company began a new round of advertising is likely to focus on the promotion of a new brand of search, so before the media reported that the "Kumo".

U.S. advertising industry also said that in order to make the public more recognition of Kumo, Microsoft will try to avoid the Kumo described as YAHOO or Google’s direct competitive products, and will focus on the unique performance of Kumo.

industry insiders pointed out that Microsoft invested huge amounts of advertising funds to re promote its search brand, may not be able to achieve the desired results. In the United States, another search engine as an example, the company conducted a large-scale market promotion activities in 2007, but in 2008 the search market share in the United States not only did not increase, but downward trend. Because of this, has reduced the corresponding marketing costs.

on the other hand, Microsoft has long believed that by putting in various forms of advertising, will help to significantly enhance the popularity of the relevant brands in the short term. Such as Microsoft every time before the release of the new operating system, will be carried out in advance of large-scale marketing activities. Microsoft will spend $100 million to search for brand promotion, Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on Wednesday.

Statistical data of

American Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore released earlier showed that in February this year, Microsoft search market share in the United States is 8.2%, far lower than the same period last year 15%. in February this year, Google market share up to 63.3%, an increase of 7%; YAHOO was 20.6%, an increase of 5%.

during the last year, Microsoft also launched the "Live Search won the return of cash" activities, namely Internet users use Microsoft Live Search to search the product information, shopping sites such as eBay, can receive a cash discount Microsoft return.

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