Sources said unfamiliar street brewing in February next year, the delisting of the new board listed

unfamiliar street is actively operating in the capital market. The day before a technology Tencent on unfamiliar street privatization materials, material sources, unfamiliar street brewing to complete the delisting in February 2016 August of that year, the removal of VIE architecture in 2017, strategic emerging board / gem IPO.


The reference

unfamiliar street is the subject of the Tencent’s WeChat and QQ (Tencent technology plan)

data show that the reference of unfamiliar street is the subject of the Tencent’s WeChat and QQ, which is the third largest mobile social APP Chinese.

Market analysis of

investment institutions on the street street the return of A shares of the Tencent, the return of A shares a very low probability, has been in the second tier, Sina micro-blog in the media attribute, and gradually decline, which means that the next 3 to 5 years, A shares will be unfamiliar street mobile social "unicorn" company. The scarce resources represent strong investment demand and growth high valuation and liquidity.

investment agency believes that by 2011, the Department of Tencent cash flow has reached the level of 42 yuan / household, increasing year by year, the habit of paying users and businesses has become mature, so far, unfamiliar street traffic level is only 8 yuan per household, there is still room for growth.

unfamiliar street in the first quarter of 2015, 6 million of revenue from marketing services, and in 2014 was basically zero, the growth of marketing services revenue benefited from Alibaba and the strategic cooperation of the city of 58.

previously, unfamiliar street announced that the board has received the privatization of non binding offer from CEO Tang Yan, China, Jingwei Sequoia Capital buyer group, intends to per American Depository Receipts in the acquisition of class a common stock issued $18.90 cash price.

as of September 24th closing, unfamiliar street price of only $10.96, its privatization price is $18.90, arbitrage space of up to 72.4%.

analysts believe that this is affected by the downturn in the stock market, on the other hand, also reflects the lack of confidence in the street of a lot of investors on the privatization of the lack of confidence in the street may be lowered by the price of its privatization.

however, the current Unfamiliar Street official privatization progress, and plans to return to A shares did not make any response.

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