The first Chinese military website development seminar in 2007

hosting website: global defense, Ya Dong military, the top military

Undertaker: 2007 first China military website development seminar preparatory group

sponsor unit: big battle 2 game division

when       inter: 2007 08 – 04 14:00

host city: Beijing

meeting place: Beijing ·

conference room on the 27 floor of block B No. 26 Chaoyang District finance and Trade Center MEN Wai Wai StreetIn the

website: global military, military defense, Ya Dong, flying military, network, strategic and international studies, China super Tiexue, Mir huanqiuzongheng, military, military, military, military, Sohu banner military, military, military, Chinese Qihoo Qianlong military network.

conference topics: development and cooperation of Chinese military websites

host: Ya Dong

research topics:

1, the future development prospects of military websites;

2, military website cooperation and win-win;

3, how to avoid the problems and difficulties in the operation of military websites;

Discussion on the possibility of cooperation between

4 and military websites and media.

schedule: (specific arrangements to prevail at the scene, part of the guests in the invitation)

2007 08 11 04
  opening speech, introduce the representative
  Ya Dong
  research topic; on behalf of all

  military cooperation and win-win between sites; how to avoid the military difficulties in the operation of the website
  the possibility of military cooperation with the media on the website
  delegates dining;
  free exchange, meeting minutes

list of delegates:

name site name
mouth Global Defense

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