Cigarette Ma treachery small sellers go bankrupt

Ma Yun, an admirer of countless young people, is being touted as an example by countless businessmen. However, this year, the image of Ma Yun continued to damage, and is seriously damaged, the loss of his image is not an outsider is his own. In May this year, without the two largest shareholder of the group to allow, Ma Yun will be the company’s core assets into their own names, and the transfer price is too low. This violates the contract, "Alipay storm" of Ma’s integrity caused great challenges. Yiboweiping another, when Alipay storm has not yet subsided again from Taobao new events, is referred to as burn the bridge after crossing it, devoid of gratitude.

Taobao was founded in 2003, under the efforts of all sellers, Taobao said the leader in China’s electricity supplier, to guide the development of electricity providers, made a great contribution to the Chinese electricity supplier. But a new paper in October this year, ma let this wonderful situation completely broken, service fees rose ten times, the most meritorious to kick out the door, saying its reputation in order to improve the quality of service, resulting in a large number of sellers. In order to survive, a large number of sellers spontaneously gathered to play YY voice channel 34158 rights.


stand in an unequal position, Taobao as a rule makers, to a strong force to amend the treaty, and small sellers but because of potential single force thin to positive negotiations with Taobao, but everyone together to attack Taobao’s so-called big stores, but was called the mob. More large Schadenfreude, in order to return Taobao away their competitors and that these small sellers for small loach, a ripple, the shop is also attracted a lot of attacks, all the baby was all finished off the shelf.

Taobao founded by Alibaba investment, Ma as president of Alibaba, Ma was responsible for the event. However, Ma also made the corresponding response, claiming to do so is that in order to improve the quality of service, only remove Taobao selling fake hat, and said he was also frustrated. Let and for his response to the sellers do not buy it, because doing business in good faith, not all small sellers are selling fake, fake problem and not because of sincerity across the board, small sellers make unfair treatment. In the days of Taobao uprising, Ma was also the so-called authentic small sellers to ferret out the small plait.

and not about the Ma "treachery", a single station in small sellers perspective, the majority of small sellers in order to set up a company stationed in the mall, ordering goods, more money where thin 160 thousand service fee to pay, the seller said he is most loan business, because Taobao is promising, the backlog of a warehouse, owe a bunch of money out now, was as high as 16W service fee, survival have become a problem, but also bear the huge debt, is really pitiful.

The rise of created large batch jobs, but the across the board, resulting in a large number of sellers without business failures, employees were forced to disband, made many unemployed, for the whole society to increase the.

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