Baidu Phoenix Nest Wang Zhan on mature customers against public bidding information

November 22nd morning news, Baidu vice president Wang Zhan yesterday for the phoenix nest system was accused of opaque response, said the more mature the customer is more opposed to others see their bid. In addition, Baidu’s new home this year, Wang Zhan said that this technology is still improving the optimization, there is no abnormal situation.

mature customers against public bidding information

April 2009, Baidu officially launched phoenix nest system to replace the original competitive ranking system. Phoenix nest system in the search results are presented and compared to the bidding system, improved to a certain extent, but from the outside, the two systems the most striking difference is: the bidding system use the prescribed standard, and the Dark Phoenix Nest bidding.

According to

, in the phoenix nest system, the customer can not query to any of the keywords of the transaction information, including who bought the key words, the price is how much, that is, click on the need to pay much money. And this change will inevitably lead to a new voice of doubt, there is a response to the user is the cost of Phoenix Nest auction costs rise again and again.

this, Wang Zhan yesterday for the first time to be answered in detail.

"more mature customers will not care about other people’s bid, and the more against other people to see their bid," said Wang Zhan for mature customers, the selection and bid information, after research and optimization results, so do not want other users to know. The primary users want to follow the bidding strategy.

based on the above judgment, phoenix nest at the time of research and development has been decided: in accordance with the design of the status of mature customers. "Phoenix nest’s purpose, so you better settled their accounts, but not every day looking at others, immature people watching others, learn from others, mature know what you want to know how much money to spend, know what to return", Wang Zhan said.

In addition,

Wang Zhan said in view of the above changes, Baidu have also provided the analysis supporting information and tools to help customers, such as Baidu and Baidu business statistics, recently will launch new products to telephone analysis.

but Wang Zhan also confirmed that, in terms of the number of Baidu phoenix nest is still the majority of primary users.

new home page is still improving the optimization of

Baidu this year, the biggest change is that the release of a new home page: the original simple model will become more complex". The starting point for this change is to allow users to link to the desired information without input. It is reported that in the future there will be more content on Baidu’s new home page, which also helps to enhance the user’s stickiness, and bring new business value.

but Robin Li also told Sina Technology said that the new home of Baidu search times income, is the effect of There’s no telling

a few months in the past, when talking about the operation of the new home on the line, Wang Zhan did not give specific figures, saying only that the new home is a new thing, we

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