Why is everyone playing the Yin and Yang division However, only care about its SSR marketing!

why is everyone playing "the teacher of yin and Yang"?

why this game can do iOS income ranked first?


ha ha, plum flowers in the 30 level of "Yin and Yang division", it can be understood that it is so successful because of the super fun ah!

from the Heian period, the production of sophisticated, the stories with pictures of suspense, super seiyuu lineup these features, so you have to bow to the teacher "

" Yin and Yang forces!


of course, in addition to the fun, "Yin and Yang" marketing division has done remarkable, plum flower summed up the following, with a look!



to create two dimensional marketing, grasp the core user

what do people like most in the two dimension – Coser, illustrator

two dimensional people often go? – AB station, CJ diffuse exhibition

in the early promotion, "Yin and Yang" to the core user group division, made large posters and TVC, online game shows in detail and selling features.

selling point 1: the background of the story of the game from the Kyoto era of peace, the people around the relatively familiar with the age of the two, the production of thematic posters and promotional video.



selling point 2: invite Japan’s top voice actors for the game characters. As the role of illustration with two dimensional game player familiar voice greatly, enhanced sense of the game into.


selling point 3: character set. The Yin and Yang teacher and hellspawn role set, illustration competition held. While making the beta countdown poster, but also to the characters modeled on the creation of lines.


and online, "Yin and Yang teacher" stationed in the major diffuse exhibition, restore the scene in the game, expanding audience.



online Cosplay will be synchronized to the line, continue to spread.





continue to social media marketing, expanding audience

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