Taxi drops officially changed the number of trips to become a comprehensive entrance of mobile trave

[Beijing] hunting cloud network reported on September 8th (by Fan Jingjing)

over the past few days, goodbye, drops taxi sparked a lot of speculation, today, drops taxi officially announced a new brand and logo. Drops taxi also officially changed its name to the drip travel and enable the new Logo – a reversal of orange capital letters D. At the same time, a new bit of travel App will be open at the end of the evening 19:09 minutes to download.

In addition,

also said that the next six months, drops will also launch at least 1 – 2 new business, as well as a series of new features, improve the user travel experience. Drops to do, it is a comprehensive integration of mobile travel entrance, a life O2O super App.

had a taxi, car, ride and drops App the business line entrance in the bottom of the page, the new version will change the entrance at the top, a form of navigation, for future new business. In the future, will be based on the behavior of the user will be displayed in accordance with the user’s personalized business. At the same time, the owner can ride the input of departure, destination, looking for passengers on the way.

to rename and change by reason, explained that after three years of development, has grown from a single bit taxi software, a taxi, car, train, cover, driving and ride buses, one-stop travel platform, because brand identity embodied a car image is not well reflected in its business the development of.

for speculation may drop to taxi, do not pay attention to the taxi, saying. The official said the taxi drops, drops started, as of now there are 1 million 350 thousand taxi drivers, taxi users, the future will continue to be an important component of the people living in the taxi drops will as in the past to help improve efficiency, help to increase the income of taxi drivers.

CEO Liu Qing said that the platform has its scale effect: with the platform of the passengers and the driver’s growth in orders, orders and income increases, while reducing the waiting time of passengers and single travel costs, it will form a positive cycle, to improve our efficiency and capacity as well as a variety of machine the supply of services, so as to further shorten the waiting time and cost, improve service reliability and enhance the experience. More importantly, the business model will be the platform to generate significant synergies, to provide a full set of passenger travel solutions, travel a shorter waiting time and lower cost, and ultimately ensure a higher passenger retention rate; and the driver, provides a cross platform service conversion option to they are high viscosity passengers and higher income.

on the other hand, drops are relying on big data mining and application driven company to a new journey. Internal data show that in drops on the internal infrastructure, the daily record of 80 million kilometers of travel routes, the daily planning of the total number of routes to reach 250 million. In the past, drops have been in the meter system, user portrait system, precision marketing, intelligent matching >

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