nflection point has been to move, B2C full transfer

after a crazy stage, the industry will slowly return to the rational stage. In 2014, I think there are three major trends in the field of electricity providers worthy of our attention.

the first trend is to move. The entire electricity supplier industry to move the speed of migration intensified. Now the electricity supplier to move from PC to the state of the situation, a bit like 10 years ago, a lot of people shopping from the line to the next line. More similar, shopping groups are young groups. Today, the mobile end of the crowd, the majority of the attraction is 90 after 95 to 18 to 25 years of age, mainly young people. Just like in that year, a person can register an account in Taobao shopping; now there is a mobile phone, the same can be shopping. Young people are usually new business model, the format of the experience.

in addition to the younger customers, mobile terminal and PC end of the outbreak is not the same place is the commodity category. The outbreak of the early PC side, the main categories of sales books, 3C these relatively high degree of standardization of goods; and the mobile terminal is more reflected in the life of service goods. Mobile terminal as a new shopping tool, innate advantages such as LBS. We look at the electricity supplier migration to the mobile terminal, compared with the end of early PC development, common feature is the user base is relatively young; is not the same, the goods is not limited to the standard, more is to meet the daily needs of the commodity or service life.

second trend is B2C. China’s electricity supplier is turning from C2C to B2C. C2C is actually going downhill, which I mentioned 5 years ago in the Alibaba, they had not recognized. C2C itself is a market format, that is, farmers market. The advantages of the farmers market is a very low threshold, as long as you have 5 kilograms of cabbage or 2 pounds of apples, pay a 5 yuan management fee, it can sell the steelyard. But the biggest disadvantage is the quality of goods to customers with uneven in quality, a good sustained shopping experience. Good luck today, customers can buy good food; tomorrow bad luck, the customer may encounter quejinduanliang. In terms of retail, this is the primary format, this primary format will give way to more advanced formats. Just like the farmer’s market to give way to the supermarket, Department store.

Taobao mall did not create when, C2C accounted for 95% of the market share, B2C only Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon. Through the development of the past few years, the share of B2C is increasing. When I was involved in the creation of Taobao mall, C2C accounted for 95%, to 2012 is already in the year of. 2013 figures have not come out, I estimate that C2C is about 67% in the next 5 years, may reach B2C and C2C each accounted for 50% of the pattern, C2C will slowly saturated or even stagnation.

third trend is operating. There will be more and more electricity supplier companies concerned about the operation. I have a pet phrase: retail, whether online or offline, is a business of erhu. If you pull a string, you can’t pull it. Two strings, one

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