Blogger will automatically jump to the domain name to match the local government review

    Blogger paper and various conflicts around the world of the local law has been making Google a headache, they recently had a brainwave to come up with a new automatic readers will be redirected to Blogger under the name of the region, if the government demanded the removal of a link, they only need to link when the geographical name can be deleted.

, for example, India’s Google blogger users visit the official blog, even in the browser address bar enter will automatically jump to the, if one day Google blog published a photo of someone to eat beef with the left hand, the India government strongly protested and asked to delete this article, Google consent only need to delete this article on can, without affecting other countries users enjoy.

In fact,

Google search and other services have enabled this functionality, such as Australia, the user opens will automatically jump to the, but the user can click on the page of the Go to link or use to access your oh pure – blogger this adjustment will have the same backdoor: as long as the user in the back of a blog address plus /ncr can access the English version of For bloggers, if this is not the case can be bound to their own domain name.

Google did not mention the specific country which users will be jumping, but Techdows confirmed that India will be one of them. Xiao Bian also confirmed that China will not be one of them.

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