2009 Western nternet Business Summit and XtoX universal station Conference

event name: Western Internet Business Summit and XtoX universal station conference

activity time: 2009-04-03 PM 1:30 sign in

address: 4 floor of Green Land Hotel Chengdu banquet hall (Chengdu’s Qingyang District Temple Street No. 99)

activity URL: http://s.xtox.cn/2009.html   Forum: http://s.bbs.changehope.com/showforum-105.aspx

conference scale: 100~150 people

meeting: all personnel will receive awards at the Tencent caifutong sponsored 20 coins, will have the opportunity to obtain XtoX universal station standard edition,

space, QQ doll, gift

conference introduction:

When the

was involved in the global economic crisis, the Internet seems to be a pure land, has the advantage of richly endowed by nature of the financial crisis in 1997, let the Internet have a qualitative leap, 2009, how to grasp the opportunity in the crisis, realize the development of the Internet business, the Internet to promote industrial upgrading, let us work together to discuss.

2009 in the Internet business summit, is a Western Internet industry event, government, association, Western Internet companies, owners gathered together to discuss the development plan, Sichuan Electronic Commerce Association, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce led hair Association, the scene read the government policy on the Internet, e-commerce, internet society pay close attention to the development of the Internet, the Internet to the common development of enterprises, how the Internet related companies in the economic crisis how to optimize the industrial structure, to achieve industrial upgrading, some domestic well-known Internet companies will also share the successful experience and experience.

as the organizer of the event, easy to (www.changehope.com), located in the beautiful Chengdu Funan River, is one of the earliest professional design team engaged in the development of large industry website system. Easy to think is a high-tech enterprise dedicated network product development, sales and service business, is a technology provider Chinese industry website development technology is the strongest, the highest degree of specialization and the best service, has a well-known Internet company brand "to want", and the product brand "YxB2b", "YxShop", "YxMall" XtoX, "". To want to have more than and 30 Asp.Net R & D team, has been providing industry website solutions for tens of thousands of domestic websites, in a leading position in the industry has used many sites easy to build software, easy to target is easy to make every household software website can profit, 2009, easy to think will help 10 the 10000 electronic commerce website profit, at the same time in a win-win case, to create "China web site development industry first brand" easy to think, "Asp.N>

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