Jingdong mall confirmed the acquisition of a maximum of 4 million yuan search network

              March 1st news, according to Jingdong mall insiders confirmed that the company has officially acquired the shopping site (qianxun.com). However, the specific details of this transaction is unknown, the amount of money in the industry rumors between 3 million yuan to 4 million yuan.

the source said, Jingdong mall has officially acquired the shopping website thousand search network, but for the sake of confidentiality, they do not know the details of the transaction details of the transaction.

it is understood that, as early as before the Spring Festival, said that Jingdong intends to acquire the mall Chihiro network with 300 to 4 million yuan price, but the mall Jingdong denied this news, only said the company is considering buying the right object. On Tuesday (February 23rd), Jingdong mall confirmed that the company is working with the acquisition of the acquisition of the network to start negotiations, but has not yet reached any formal agreement.

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