Micro-blog 140 word limit to cancel, what people would like to use this new feature Users how to see

, a user of Sina Technology Co., Ltd. @zaku received a developer e-mail, mail shows that micro-blog is about to cancel the restriction of 140 words micro-blog:

dear developers, Hello!

micro-blog open platform will be recently, the official opening of the 140 word micro-blog release restrictions.

this feature is expected in January 28th to open trial rights for micro-blog members, is expected in February 28th officially opened to the full amount of micro-blog users.

micro-blog members during the trial, through the interface to receive more than 140 words micro-blog content, the station will be added at the end of the contents of the micro-blog H5 text page links, so that users get the full text.

micro-blog open platform is expected in February 28th (if there is any change notice) officially opened more than 140 words micro-blog release and reception, while stopping the H5 text page links issued.

specific programs are as follows:

1, micro-blog publishing interface unchanged, that is, the original parameters, can be directly released more than 140 words of text, more than 140 words, less than 2000 words, no longer wrong;

2, Feed stream interface of more than 140 words of the micro-blog, the text to maintain the original display (truncated), will add a new return logo to identify if the micro-blog has more than 140 words of additional text;

3, micro-blog (statuses/show), a single interface will return the whole body in a new field, which is more than 140 words will return the whole text. The original text field is still 140 words. (Note: after February 28th support, only stautses/show, statuses/show_batch, other micro-blog interface, still only return 140 words)

subsequently, micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei also confirmed the news through its micro-blog account @ come and go:


According to

, the open limit, micro-blog will release 1 content words.

at the beginning of January, micro-blog launched the "section" and "thesis" two new features, micro-blog supports text wrapping, content words to 2000 words, the web version display 4 lines, click the "thesis" can display all. The user can use the former, the latter poem spoilers, the two small function is more like a new function test.

we’re deeply skeptical, it just wants to emulate twitter just

is not coincidental, or another copy, micro-blog on Twitter or 140 word limit will flow to expand to 1 words of news, also announced a new plan to own.

twitter business into a bottleneck in the last year, twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in July last year to twitter, try to launch the "

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