Adsense network broadcast paper heavy check Taobao this kind of store monthly income of millions of

1, the paper re check the Taobao store up to more than and 500 in January revenue was over a million  

yesterday dropped to 15%, and finally to the 10% today, for tomorrow to 8%, prior to the final submission, to spend 100 yuan on HowNet check, finally does not exceed 10%, certainly can too." Li Jirui (a pseudonym) "black" knocked on the Enter key under computer, heart happy.

Li Jirui is a northeast Shanghai University Department of finance, a 2011 graduate student. More than half a month, he is going to graduate thesis defense. In order to successfully cross the border, Li Jirui has spent nearly 200 yuan on Taobao to buy paper testing services to accurately calculate the proportion of papers cited. Like Li Jirui and college students in the minority, most of the software to a shop selling Taobao, trading volume in a month was 3 million times.

recently, the reporter found that these students are called heavy check software system, originally only available to universities and research institutions to use internal, used to detect the existence of plagiarism and other academic papers. Nowadays, the thesis has formed an industry, and its function of anti plagiarism has been alienated. Although a variety of anti plagiarism detection system evaluation is different, but the reporter contacted a lot of college graduates have said: had to use.

2 hammer phone T1 price: $3000 + feelings + two years of ridicule  

May 20, 2014 evening, hammer phone conference, T1 mobile phone L debut. Pretty good, 16G sell 3000 yuan, 32G3150 yuan. At the same time, Luo announced that 1 million "stand up" the ticket income is donated, OpenSSL foundation. The end of the conference, he said, not to win, only seriously.

also seriously Ti media small deep thought, anyway, two years of sword, endured ridicule and tease N, Luo finally launched his hammer mobile phone T1, from his dream a step closer.


conference, the big screen also shows the hammer technology more than 200 staff head, Luo joked that they are from well-known technology companies, but because with a crosstalk, two years, endure humiliation and ridicule, the world today is to give some color.

3 Nora involving piracy or fined up to 260 million China Internet Corporation punishment of the most  

20 afternoon, the Economic Observer newspaper, said micro-blog, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision bureau served the proposed administrative penalty hearing notice, intends to be arrested on suspicion of several serious piracy Nora fined $260 million. As Nora is not in the middle of the company, the notice of the implementation of the lien service.

in March this year, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau formally filed for Nora piracy. In May 15th, the national "anti pornography".

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