Dai Renguang Amoy site is about to launch a business strategy or ray action

recently through special channels to taobao.com to launch site navigation service, enable 123.taobao.com for website URL Amoy domain, at first I think it should be Taobao online navigation or B2C website and Taobao store with shopping navigation, but after opening a surprised, and open the general site navigation is the first impression the same – "another hao123". Site is still in beta stage, which some of the features is not used, the overall style is also followed hao123, home is 360 website list navigation mode. On taobao.com this amazing move, I don’t quite understand, if the launch of taobao.com shopping navigation, I think it is well deserved, and launched a web site navigation seems far fetched.


(Taobao and Amoy URL)

Taobao to do integrated navigation is a business strategy?

said that if Taobao is to eat the whole Internet market, for users of the Internet, Taobao’s ambition is too big, from the current navigation home page, Amoy website to do is a bias entertainment, life service, integrated business culture web site navigation, the major direction in taobao.com seems to find similar products, such as entertainment, the past two years, Taobao has launched this service, Amoy fence (hua.taobao.com) is the video website of Taobao two domain names under a life service; service life, currently the largest reputation network has been incorporated into taobao.com, as Taobao’s website taobao.com home page with a direct link to the reputation of the network in the column, and the home category also has links to the service life of word-of-mouth network; business culture, taobao.com at present Is the enterprise product sales channels, enterprises and individual business platform, has the most extensive network groups; and computer network, should belong to the basic application, such as IT website, community BBS, and E-MAI. Overall, it seems, Taobao launched a comprehensive web site navigation also seems to be perfectly logical and reasonable, but I think a far cry from the integrated navigation and Taobao own brand, Taobao is synonymous with "online shopping" in the eyes of Internet users, while Taobao has also not only confined to many aspects of online shopping product launch, but the core or online shopping. In recent years, many large websites have launched a comprehensive web site navigation, such as thunder and thunder 360, most users are in favor of online games and video, so comprehensive web site navigation site navigation to life and entertainment oriented, and site navigation 360, I thought it was a classic, after all the security products and site navigation concept combination is so good, is still very rare, making full use of the users’ psychology and safety concept into the site navigation -360 security web site, is this a great advantage of its own brand push site navigation business strategy. For Taobao is about to launch the comprehensive site navigation, it seems reasonable, but always give a kind of >

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