February buy site report more than half of the dead and injured in the line

from August last year so far more than half a year, nearly 1500 buy site evaporation of the world, thousands of group war scene gone forever. It is the largest independent group purchase navigation site 800 recently released "February 2012 China statistics report shows: February" group purchase group purchase transactions amounted to 1 billion 460 million yuan, up 8.1% from the previous month. In addition to the industry to pick up the signal, group purchase industry is still in the continuous "downsizing" stage, whether it is to "online shopping promotion sale" or "normalized local life package" and the group purchase will face new challenges.

buy site casualties more than half

since the beginning of this year, a lot of group purchase sites are facing financial difficulties. Once a scenery of Groupon due to the absence of funds to demolish several sub station, once known outside its CEO Ren Chunlei run away, the site was on the verge of collapse; ganji.com recently also announced its withdrawal from the group purchase business. 800 the report data show that in February the number of group purchase website is reduced to 3626, compared to the heyday of the five thousand or six thousand group purchase website has, or more than half is expected in the next quarter, there will be hundreds of group purchase websites facing closure or restructuring of the test.

, a consumer expert group 800, group purchase group purchase website co-founder Hu Chen believes that the reduction in the number and size of the reduced group purchase industry will continue for a period of time, the two thousand or three thousand group purchase website is still a bit redundant, such "slimming swelling can be seen as the industry’s survival group purchase website The new supersedes the old., more effort will be focus in the city, each competition will be turning from pure competition scale differentiated service experience.

group purchase website in a dilemma

it is reported that a part of the site has to give up the profit margin is too low to buy local life service class, the focus shifted to the kind of online shopping products. Unlike the B2C electronic commerce website is the most group purchase sites do not have ability of warehousing and logistics, so the sale of products is not only the physical storage, users purchase orders to the merchant directly express delivery, which leads to consumers only to group purchase website as "looking for a cheap new map" promotional platform.

because of local life service class group purchase product profit rate is too low, a part of group purchase website is quietly in the "day sale" group purchase sales time prolonged, the formation of more normal life of local preferential packages. Although such packages discount efforts to buy a lot less than the product, but the victory in the ready to buy, without reservation". This transition from buy to coupon, in fact, the inevitable trend of the development of the industry competition. Facing the transition to the direction of the group purchase website challenge is to store the rate of serious decline and consumer purchase intention, because at any time can be bought, it lost the "group purchase products obsolete or not, thousands of people have bought the temptation. In addition, this type of package because of the consideration of profit margins in the sales price has also increased a lot, the discount is not enough, naturally let consumers purchase will significantly reduced.

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