The nature of the nternet business is no longer needed to return to the technical marketing


I began to do network marketing

ten years ago, that time is the most important platform for the promotion of chat rooms and forums, small ads posted everywhere I become an important promotion tasks, then few people do, put out the effect is good. It was a really wild Internet era, no regulation, no record, no constraint what can be free, but at that time, the website program relatively simple information interception system, for now that marketing can only use one word to describe the "cool"


technology marketing era

in my wall project, I started with SEO, then the long tail stickers subject and no one has to do, by simply optimizing a bit soon I have lots of related keywords optimization up, the time is 08 years, this year there are a large number of marketing personnel to join the SEO field, and to do SEO through the search data, page layout, keyword stuffing, station group strategy and so on various means, due to the SEO effect of rapid flow and efficiency of acquisition, once let SEO become synonymous with the network marketing, SEO has become a separate occupation, and even become an industry. Over the same period and a noun is very famous is SEM, SEM is the Baidu ranking search results obtained by publishing information on the high weight website, so many marketing companies and enterprises to employ a large number of information release, every day in the Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, 58 city, advertising on the altar, B2B websites and blogs of course, these platforms will not allow you to publish or recklessly advertising, need some skills, in addition to being a toil live is also a technology live, this time is the marketing of technical marketing. In addition to the simple marketing technology in Baidu also appeared in Taobao, Taobao, many shop owners are hooked search rankings to get through technology or one way to get more sales, it has also become an important means of marketing for Taobao.

needs to change marketing concept

but in the last one or two years you will find that there are a lot of previous network marketing to do business there are a lot of rash and too much in haste has fallen, many explosion models have been very successful Taobao stores have closed, if the network marketing methods have been used previously for instant failure, that you have been put into the bidding Baidu or Taobao the train could not escape the dilemma. Micro-blog also has a lot of people used to operate technology marketing way in the launch time, of course, technical marketing this time has risen to a level is to develop user, but nature has not changed, still rely on hard to make, the effect is quite good, but now you see so many large micro-blog has a few a forward.

I have some good friends used to do network marketing, now find themselves do not have more and more value, confused, can not grasp the network marketing to the future, what things? Some friends will say that is because of Baidu and Taobao in the modified algorithm turn the world upside down, the shadow.

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