Tumblr sold $1 billion 100 million domestic copycat basically is a dead end



text / Zhang Rui

light blog originator Tumblr last night announced the price of $1 billion 100 million sold to YAHOO, but ironically, those China imitators Tumblr, once renowned light blog all now disappeared: little net team focus pops, Sina light blog unclear user conversion is limited, pushing him grand transformation of shopping share Phoenix, fast Bo is no longer investment, NetEase Lofter and everyone station also fade out of public view…… The sale of domestic light blog say high, even the operators themselves have not met.

Why is

the same pattern, both at home and abroad is Rainbow Night? I interviewed some Internet watchers, and combined with the known the answer, summed up the following reasons.

1 does not meet domestic consumer demand

domestic users and Western users have a significant difference, the higher the enthusiasm of users to create content in the west, while domestic users to share and enthusiasm of the collection is higher.

blog Chinese founder Fang Xingdong believes that the domestic users is still the consumer demand, while creative demand is limited, so the entertainment, making friends, low threshold Internet products are more popular, such as micro-blog, WeChat. "As long as you send text messages will be sent to micro-blog, as long as the talking will be micro channel, and light blog like blog, need to have a high quality of the user can contribute content."

of course, in little net or other light blog also gathered some designers, photographers and other content creators, but the original content can not meet consumer demand, resulting in a large number of duplicate forwarding content appear in the user timeline, seriously affect the experience.

2 backlog by micro-blog, the market space is narrow

Twitter can not release multimedia information, Tumblr appears to make up for this deficiency. But China’s micro-blog did not leave such a space for light blog, Sina micro-blog can publish text, pictures, links, videos, music, the next version of its exposure can even publish books, applications. What does the user have to do with the blog?

in the domestic Sina micro-blog has been a light blog, Internet commentator Hong Bo directly gives the conclusion that the function of the light blog can be achieved by micro-blog, light blog no chance."

3 media gene is not enough

One of the common problems of

‘s domestic bloggers is that they learned to Tumblr the skins, but did not learn the core content of Tumblr.

Internet commentator Wei Wu pointed out that the properties of the light blog is the media, little, everyone, NetEase, and no media genes, and Sina’s attention is clearly not on the blog.

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