Zhicheng, love!

offer love – cool source products 50 percent off sales, the proceeds of the transfer of the Red Cross!

from May 14th to May 31st, Chengdu cool source technology Co., Ltd. all of its software products 50 percent off sales. All sales of the products are transferred to the Red Cross and the remittance certificate and the return of the red cross.

self donation: http://s.gongyi.qq.com/juanzeng/llj_dizhen.htm

sales Tel: 028-85195590 (0) 13076061951 dial landline, mobile phone basically do not come to fight.

is the first to feel the real disaster brought by the earthquake, the first time to feel the real life is so fragile, in the earthquake a moment, no one thought of money, take things, only one thought in "run". Hear the news of Wenchuan and Beichuan disaster, see the Dujiangyan students were buried, really do not know how to express, although we are in Chengdu, we have been suffering, but compared to those victims who lost loved ones, we are very lucky.

12 dinner, I heard the news of the prime minister Wen Jiabao to Chengdu, a few colleagues cried, so I said, we also donate a little bar. Today, that is, 14, we put each colleague’s love anonymous donated out. Not much, a mind.

below for some records. Too tired, very scattered, we make do with see.

Monday, May 12, 2008, overcast. 2:28, cool source technology 6 technical colleagues are discussing some of the cool source of the office to improve the function of 2. Suddenly the floor began to have the frequency of shaking, shaking for about 3 seconds after I feel abnormal, shouted "run, floor to collapse," (do not know at that time was the earthquake, my hometown in Chongqing, have not seen the earthquakes. Ma Zhenggui also shouted "earthquake, run". Down the floor, legs are soft, the office in the 3 half of the stairs, I went down the stairs, and I went to the empty place in less than 1 minutes to estimate the amount of time in. Count the number of all the colleagues found in the heart a little better.

after we arrived downstairs, the most powerful began to come, (people did not feel that we are on foot), 13 to see the video on the Internet to learn. Tall buildings are twisted into S type. Chengdu is too close to Wenchuan, followed by a relatively strong aftershocks, we decided to get married to go home, single out all together.

really understands what is fear. About 4 in the afternoon began to give the home security and peace, but at that time, China Unicom mobile all invalid, only Chen Bangjun a PHS has become our lifeline, so get to get to the security and peace, the final game over the PHS. The supermarket robbed empty, the canteen also robbed empty, stay until 8 go out looking for food, so in Chengdu, we don’t really have to eat.

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