Electricity supplier grab SNS into a tide of social networking to create a new model


, the world’s largest retailer, released its first social networking app, Shopycat, on Wednesday night to catch up with the hottest e-commerce trends. WAL-MART released Shopycat on its Facebook page, the application can use Facebook data to recommend gifts to consumers.

modern society, online trading has become a trend. The SNS has the popularity of the network to carry out e-commerce has a natural advantage. Shopycat is WAL-MART’s first step in the field of social commerce, WAL-MART layout to get rid of the disadvantages of e-commerce has important significance. With the popularization of SNS, the combination of SNS and e-commerce will be a future direction.

Shopycat: WAL-MART gift application

WAL-MART recently announced on the official website of the official application of the official Shopycat Facebook online application, the application can be achieved for users to visit WAL-MART Facebook page to buy gifts. This is WAL-MART’s first attempt in the field of social commerce.

Shopycat is a Facebook web application, to provide users with accurate gift suggestions, Facebook users need to authorize access to their friends data can be used. Shopycat uses data from the Facebook page to judge a person’s 10 best friends. And then according to the information they share on the Facebook to determine their interest, and then according to their interests to provide consumers with the most suitable gifts for those friends.

Shopycat is not a general category of recommendations, it is for each of the friends of the user lists the most likely to get the goods link, greatly reducing the trouble when selecting gifts.

some users will share information on the network or disclose their personal interests, some information is also cited in the Shopycat application. WAL-MART hopes to be able to use this information and user status updates, chat and other clues to measure the interests of the user’s friends. It is explained that this application can speculate the interests of Facebook users, come to an algorithm, this algorithm will be the gift level effectively displayed.

Although the Shopycat

interface and operation process is very simple, but the development and application of a very complex mining and judgment process. On the one hand, the application should be able to roughly determine what words can reveal the user’s preferences, on the other hand, even if the user’s interest to know, how to match the correct candidate gift is also a big problem. Now Shopycat is just the beginning, the future will continue to optimize the preference analysis algorithm.

e-commerce take up social networking site

everyone should rely on social networks to remind friends of their birthdays and some important anniversaries. However follows

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