Thousand million village Ali county plans to start rural 90 lady Taobao

90 year old lady bought clothes on Taobao

Tonglu launched the country’s first rural Taobao service project


morning news yesterday afternoon, just 90 years old this year Tonglu the Fuchun River Zhen Du Ji Cun Wang grandma villagers in the village, a small shop in the doorway waiting for this day, is Du Ji Cun rural Taobao service point official business days.

Grandma Wang is very short, and the shoes are only 34 yards. It was difficult for her to buy a suit of clothes and a new pair of shoes, and it was very difficult to buy a suit of clothes even if she had taken a long way to the town of the Fuchun River.


but troubled the problems of the elderly now: in 29 days, she can go to the store located in the village of small rural village crossing the economy of Taobao services, to help her buy online shopper in a fit of durable clothes.

29, the first county-level operation center of Alibaba "ten thousand village" 1000 county plan officially started sitting on one of three express Tonglu Township, the first village service station of the Fuchun River Tonglu County town of Golden Village Service Station is also the official operation. Four pilot villages in rural Taobao service station officially opened.


of each service station, there is a "standard" shopper (usually by the villagers, and concurrently) cable, computer hardware and other large screen "".

at the same time, each station has a secured account of 2-3 million. If you are not satisfied with the goods, service stations will help the villagers return.

reporter learned that, in the "double eleven" before, will be opened in 10 similar rural Taobao service point, according to the Alibaba is promoting a thousand million village county plan, three to five years, will invest 10 billion yuan to build 1000 County operations centers and 100 thousand village service station.

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