Website promotion planning steps and methods

site planning, according to the website of the overall significance, analysis of user needs, stand in the comprehensive perspective to analyze and guide customers to systematize and enhance the site overall quality, the user is to do website, make a web site more competitive industry. Site planning to be edited by SEO+ + technology + art +UE user experience together to create the perfect website. The following Seoer Xiyuan website promotion planning steps:

a, site positioning

analysis of the market prospects of the site, positioning the target user groups, whether it is suitable for the development of the network, the analysis of industry competitors, the use of marketing methods, promotion methods. Determine the main direction of the site, open innovation, to meet the industry prospects, the potential of the site.

two, website design

1, web design should be based on the W3 web page standard design, and according to the IE browser version of the difference, a reasonable adjustment of the web page code, so that the site can be displayed in the browser.

2, web design to consider whether the site is functional, some animation, pictures, audio, video, etc..

3, website design should be integrated into the user experience, taking into account the structure of the site, layout, whether it meets the needs of users.

three, content planning

1, according to the location of the site planning the corresponding column classification, not easy to be too complicated, so clear and reasonable.

2, according to relevant section to add appropriate content, best original, reproduced or able to attract people to click on the article, only fresh and practical, meets the needs of users is part of a strategy to raise the site conversion rate.

four, website promotion

1, for the promotion of search engines, set up a reasonable page title, label, static web pages, site maps, keywords, etc., to make the search engine included in the standard web pages.

2, website information promotion, such as the commonly used links, mass information, soft Wen marketing, communication tools to promote, mass mail, advertising, etc..

site planning is the main goal of the website content and website design, user experience, website promotion, etc. combined with the site, to make the site more competitive users like.

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