2014 commercial nternet theme books were captured, and related books up to more than 60 Ma

when the Internet upstart has won half of the country’s rich list, when the Ministry of education has opened the door to suspend business, when the Internet thinking became the new "Amway" word, although the book list of the scenery has as can be imagined. Even the "Financial Times" this year’s annual business books are the Internet theme captured.


note: 2014 is the year of the outbreak of technology in the commercial book market. Titanium media recently on 2014 book market combing found that technology has become the subject matter of the work of the book market darling, even technology heavyweights personal book, have swept the stall, airport, the book market in every corner, the following is the text of the titanium media reporter Yuan Chang:

years in the United States a "kill all the thoughts of nouveau riche, the" cyclone Thomas · Piketi, at the end of the year, finally from various economics conference a Dengtang into CCTV studio.

his twenty-first Century "capital" more than and 600 pages have been dominating Amazon bestseller list, "competition of family background capitalism" attracted a complaint fire in the United States thought, but in all of the Gene coefficient and PM2.5 as the Chinese already commonplace, "foreign monk" came to read by few people really take heart……

"currency wars" and Lang Xianping’s book, pushing "upgrade" every year, worry about selling


in twenty-first Century, China business books can have basic synchronization with foreign technology, unlike the writing field in Silicon Valley is the "hippie old" Kevin Kelly only in the past few years in Chinese by the gods into the st.. However, this year’s popular Silicon Valley The Hard About Hard Things, Zero to one until the next year will be published in the Chinese version. However, this year the opening of the Amazon Chinese bookstore has opened a "wormhole" for us, to pass through, English is the only pass. Otherwise, only in a few months while the quality of translation makeup while indignant Tucao CITIC.

seems to be more interested in dollar hegemony than the "capitalist crisis of inequality". A financial coat "conspiracy fiction" "currency war" this year has been to the fifth, Lang Xianping continues to reform how to start this year "weapon" (in the book China management bestseller top 100 year old Lang Xianping, a new total of 7 of this list). The two scholars sniff at "dumbass" over the years has become a stable "economic capital supplier", because on the tastes of the public and became a year "upgrade", push the annual sales to worry about a gilded signboard.

‘s philosophy "," financial "financial explanation", "financial truth", economic scholars no longer difficult now when A good medicine tastes bitter. Chen Zhiwu with "financial logic" and the Lang Xianping Dalei scenery. Bitcoin in this year’s roller coaster trend throughout the year

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