WAL-MART electricity supplier Amazon nightmare came three reasons

BI Chinese station on August 8th reported

WAL-MART’s electricity supplier business has not been an opponent of amazon.

comparison of the two companies electricity supplier business revenue, we can easily understand this: in 2015, WAL-MART’s electricity supplier revenue is $13 billion 700 million, while Amazon reached $107 billion.

however, if Amazon really bought Jet.com, Amazon’s nightmare may be coming.

for three reasons:

1, WAL-MART has a huge customer base.

in terms of online sales, WAL-MART is far behind the Amazon, but on the whole, is a completely different situation.

WAL-MART 2015 revenue of $482 billion, more than Amazon’s revenue in the same year of 4 times.


superior revenue means untapped potential in online sales – the WAL-MART store shopping customers can be transformed into the electricity customer.

2, WAL-MART has a huge store network, can perform online orders.

WAL-MART has 4500 stores and 102 distribution centers in the United states. In contrast, Amazon in the United States probably has 180 orders fulfillment center.

electricity supplier company NewStore and Demandware founder Stephan Schilbach believes that for WAL-MART, "the huge store network with a combination of new electricity supplier will enable both companies in a more favorable position".

he said he did not believe that WAL-MART will be more than Amazon in the electricity supplier sales.

said: "I still don’t think WAL-MART can beat Amazon, but it’s fun to watch WAL-MART trying to beat amazon."

retail consulting firm Conlumino CEO Neil Saunders is more optimistic about the potential of WAL-MART.

Saunders said in a written report to the customer: "we have always said that WAL-MART has a great advantage on Amazon, if WAL-MART found a way to shop with the system fully integrated together, it will be able to lower costs and faster speed to fulfill orders."

3, Jet.com can provide WAL-MART lack of electricity supplier logistics.

Jet.com grew very quickly, taking part of the low cost of Amazon customers. According to data released by Euromonitor, the company was founded only a year has generated more than $100 million in revenue, more than 4 million customers.

, according to data from Intelligence, another industry data firm, Jet’s sales in July 2016, "said Slice

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