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[Reuters] Tengu to billion state power! Billion state power network has learned, the Northeast retail giant big business group’s mobile shopping platform "Tengu" will be officially launched in November 8th this year.


"Tengu online line, big business group in the original PC terminal network mall will synchronize offline, only as drainage channels to mobile terminal." Liu Sijun, vice chairman of the board of directors and the group executive vice president to billion state power network introduction.

actually, about 4 years ago, the group had launched a large PC network end shopping website "". But according to Liu Sijun feedback, big business is basically a set of independent electricity supplier system, and no big business group under the fusion line shop better. The dog network is online and offline merchandise inventory directly open.


big business group’s previous shopping site, basically did not get off the line with

Liu Sijun told billion state power network, a long-term enterprise business since the Department is unable to achieve a single product of trouble. "Now the commodity management department stores are relatively extensive, generally only records to the counter, shopping malls usually only know a counter sales of a product, but it is not clear what is the sales of goods, and to make precise marketing, to achieve a similar business single product management, so this is the function of network tengu."

Liu Sijun said, to achieve a single product management, customers in the store and found no fitting size or color, you can see around the stock or store no goods can scan the code through a single site, after the direct delivery of home brands.

but in the actual operation process, department stores to achieve a single product management also faces multiple challenges, one of the most important problem is the degree of cooperation with the brand. According to Liu Sijun introduction, Tengu network is currently attempting a "42 dials thousand catties methods" to achieve mall single product — let the guide in the idle time on the store were photographed and uploaded to the Tengu network.


map for the shopping guide to take pictures of their own goods

we have developed a dedicated client for the shopping guide, on the one hand you can upload goods in the background, on the other hand can also communicate directly with the customer. Big business group has hundreds of thousands of shopping guide, once this productivity will be a huge productivity." Liu Sijun said.

not only that, in the capture of the traditional retail line of contradiction, a large business group business also uses a key strategy is: online sales all go to the next line, and the line "for profit". "In the future we will be profitable in other places, such as advertising, such as local living Services Commission, etc.." Liu Sijun said.

it is understood that the big business Tengu network will only develop mobile terminal, including light application, WeChat mall etc.. Liu Sijun introduced, in order to increase the convenience of users, the webmaster > Tengu

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