A how long will the nternet change insurance industry

author has served a 500 strong insurance provider for more than ten years, is now an independent business. The content of this paper comes from the author count field half industry investment analysis report closed conference recording, the theme of "Internet insurance status quo, future and investment opportunities".


yesterday to today

review of the history of the trajectory, often can foresee the future of the unknown, at least less mistakes.

at the beginning of 2009, the chairman of an insurance group, "we do not ask the internal online selling insurance products? So process system soon ready, but was not on the line, the reason is the life insurance group chairman’s worry about the impact of the traditional business, did not nod.


only Taikang before trying to uphold the net sales of long-term insurance, this period can be summarized as: the insurance company or the third party platform watering, business platform power, some pioneers persevered, flexible, has gradually return.

for 2 years. In the three kinds of basic forms: the official website of the direct B2C and the third party distribution platform B2B2C, the agent and the agent, A2C Internet, banking and insurance, electricity sales by generation and other "traditional" model of stand shoulder to shoulder.

the main features of this period:

1, colorful

insurance company set up a special organization, from the project group to professional departments, independent departments, departments of construction combined with IT platform products; or a combination of Taobao and other large platform, the explosion of one after another, the third party professional (China, Hui optional etc.) and concurrent business platform (Ctrip, the China Aviation Association, movement of the steady growth of business) supervision; a clear attitude, more and more acceptable to consumers to buy insurance on the internet……


chaos will occur

insurance company Internet marketing motives are like a swarm of bees, or are forced to choose: the original mode of stagflation or ambitious, or the mentality, peace of mind at ease verification, embrace the Internet open little.

so there is no planning, a fast closed doors, on the official website of the mall is, lack of innovation, a number of insurance firms looking for suppliers to IT department for 3 months on a website, for rare imitation, innovation. Impetuous, pulled the cart on the track, a run apart.


, the undercurrent

to three Ma Xiaoshan led second Internet rumors of insurance firms will be landing in Shenzhen, China, Pacific, Xinhua, Taiping, Ampang, sunshine, life, Qianhai has establish or organize independent companies, other industries also have to test the water route through electricity providers involved in insurance, where the west, Suning, cocoa……

4, thin product

low value, low viscosity, standardization of auto insurance, travel accident insurance, medical insurance, financial insurance, rare long-term, high insurance, although there are complex insurance, but the transaction is not completed online. The main reason is that the industry is not unified

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