The owner was selling Taobao LV to court for compensation of 250 thousand

morning reporter learned from the Haidian court, Taobao store, Liang Yijun, Han for selling fake LV scarves, handbags, shoes, is currently being prosecuted; LV to court, seeking compensation for economic losses of 250 thousand yuan.

plaintiffs said, "LV" is the world’s leading luxury brands. July 2011, Liang Moumou in its Taobao shop, selling all kinds of counterfeit goods, and arranged for the daily management of the shop responsible for the order, etc.. Since February 2013, Liang Moumou from South Korea to buy counterfeit registered trademarks of goods for resale, involving a total of more than one hundred yuan.

2014, due to the sale of counterfeit registered trademark of the plaintiff Liang Liang Liang, Liang, Han was prosecuted.

plaintiffs believe that the three person infringement of the plaintiff’s exclusive right to use a registered trademark, in the course of criminal responsibility, should also bear the corresponding civil liability to the plaintiff, the court filed a lawsuit claims. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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