The 08 years of the nternet rectification notice!

said yesterday, chequered. 2007 China Internet is very good, very powerful. However, in order to make the Internet China better, more powerful, make the network society stable, prosperous and harmonious development, and continuously, by 2008 China Internet "rectification" notice here:

The development of the Internet industry Chinese

2007 continue to stride forward singing militant songs achieved the dramatic results. Compared with the same period last year, IP increased by more than 50%, UP growth of more than 30%. These achievements are worthy of recognition and praise, but the development of fast but also caused a lot of problems, which, the people scattered, the team is not good, the most prominent management issues.

07 years, the biggest problem in China’s Internet, is in the case of strong opposition to the government, the people spontaneously led the Chinese people to sex harmony and awakening. Go to the cinema we can only see the "ring" on the Internet, we can see the "color", and "apple" that we can’t eat in the cinema, but on the pounds delivered online. Also, "you do not have a conscience," and even unite to "bully a weak woman!"

in 2007, the Chinese Internet, summed up a sentence that is very yellow, very violent!

children do not listen, of course, spanking. Therefore, here we clearly announced that 2008 is the Olympic year, the Internet is also China rectification year.

the first step, the momentum from each other out! You can go to refer to just the introduction to "Internet audio-visual program management regulations", I have to tell you that those organized without discipline, things you do is someone tube


we do is in accordance with the rule of historical development indeed. "What a big snow ah! Near the end of the year, we have" never go back "," can not go home, buy a ticket, the car can not go back! This is actually to warn you, this year we are no longer "thunder". Even God is supported, the greatest arrangement of God!

potatoes, cool 6, Youku are good kids, you see, they are together to reflect on their own mistakes, together with the ring color, do not eat apple. People see a "Alibaba", all of them are good children, and they have very yellow, very violent "draw the line".

bad boy is there, these "bad boy" be careful! 08 years of rectification, the

is you!

Baidu you are very violent! Why can’t you find the SW notes in GOOGLE, I can find it in your


thunder you do not happy, no matter how you should be the first to be the object of regulation!

said that you do Sohu, do not think you hang the Olympic brand will not be the whole of you, look at what is in your community. And Sina, NetEase!>

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