New word of mouth big moves constantly Cai Chong trust chairman, Amoy little APP turned word of mout

yesterday (July 27th), the news came out, the board of directors of the Alibaba vice president Cai Chongxin will be president of the board of directors of the reputation network, ant payment service payment business group president Fan Zhiming served as vice chairman of reputation, the personnel changes visible degree of attention to word-of-mouth network of Alibaba.

not only that, today (July 28th) reporter learned from the word of mouth network, Amoy little APP will be turned into word-of-mouth takeaway. In addition, Alipay mobile phone, Taobao will also provide delivery entrance in the mouth. Today, Android mobile phone consumers can through word-of-mouth Alipay, Taobao takeaway APP, mobile phone to enjoy reputation merchants ordering, delivery service, iOS version of APP will be officially launched takeaway reputation in August 5th.

this little bit of change word of mouth takeaway is regarded as the first step in the integration of the resources of Ali group and the two giants in the new word of mouth on behalf of the golden ants. In more than a month to return a new reputation, vast old and new businesses in, and the Amoy little takeaway turned reputation, businesses are also strongly supported, have come up with a large discount Thanksgiving new and old customers.


Cai Chongxin is one of the key figures of Alibaba group

it is understood that the first use of word-of-mouth takeaway single user, you can get 15 yuan concessions, including KFC, McDonald’s and other businesses is to win the house of mouth takeaway new users with single stand by high preferential 20 yuan, and will randomly send surprise gift. As for the old people who have been supporting Amoy point, after the transformation of the word of mouth takeaway will also be given a different degree of preferential reduction. The word of mouth on the new and old users of the concessions will cover Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, and other cities across the country.

new reputation debut, fully open the Department of Ali’s three super APP

is the original Amoy mobile food service platform Ali group, to provide meals and takeaway and other functions, users can easily search through Amoy to a nearby restaurant, fruit, drinks, desserts and other food information. Since 2013 on the line, Amoy little quickly became the top three in the field of food and beverage O2O. Alipay and Taobao mobile phone users are more than 400 million people in the "national APP". June 23rd, Ali group and ant gold service jointly announced a joint investment of 6 billion yuan, the joint venture to set up a local life service platform company reputation". Ali group’s Amoy point and the line of business resources and the team under the ant gold service, will inject a new reputation platform, the core force. Ant gold service side said that the new word of mouth will continue to Alibaba and ant gold service consistent ideas to platform, ecological way of operation. The service life of the local ecological construction reputation will focus on the line, starting from the catering services, online payment service the next ant super, medical treatment, vending machine and so on industry businesses and teams, will be gradually integrated into the new platform > reputation

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