Comsenz core products Discuz 7.1 officially open!

the latest news, the morning of October 16th, Chinese leading community platform and service provider Comsenz (Comsenz) core products Discuz version 7.1 officially released open source. The product in the introduction of innovative interactive social elements, while further improving the community forum system plug-in development mechanism, reducing the threshold for the application of the network community and the two development.

Discuz! Version 7.1 introduces more innovative social network (SNS) interactive elements, launch reminder system, new editor, novice task, community functions such as attention, hot topics, has become a new trend of mainstream network community innovation application. On the basis of the classic Discuz 7 version, the function of community forum system is further improved.


Discuz! 7.1 version of the home effect

Discuz! As a global leader in the open source community forum system has gone through eight years of history, has been widely used in various types of network community, application site has more than 110 worldwide thousands of users throughout the mainland, Hongkong, Macao China, Taiwan, North America, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions. Its design features a comprehensive product safety and high efficiency, can be applied to almost all the need to interact with the site. In particular, has been applied to a considerable scale, and the face of technical bottlenecks often due to server resource depletion, security problems or other reasons affecting the development of the loss of the popularity of large professional communities.

In order to facilitate

application, a large number of professional users of Discuz! Version 7.1 continues the product characteristics of its products Comsenz safe and stable and efficient, smooth installation and upgrade in various application environments. The official download package there are four types of encoding, support Chinese including simplified GBK version, UTF-8 version of Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese BIG5 version, UTF-8 version and other traditional Chinese language encoding, provides a new setup and upgrade program.

in order to improve the efficiency of the community forum system upgrade, Discuz! 7.1 version of the template style has a good downward compatibility. For the use of Discuz two development of the professional community forum project, this version of the upgrade introduced a more compatible plug-in system, saving the cost of product upgrades and the development of the two. In order to achieve the user Discuz in the interactive function, community better! Version 7.1 products in the community forum to introduce open platform application plug-in mechanism, system backend integration roaming open platform (Manyou or MYOP) switch application plug-ins, to facilitate the third party application in the form of plug-in is used to further enrich the community forums, the community forum system interactive application.

Discuz! 7.1 release feature:>

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