Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (1.26-2.1)

website to promote the rapid increase of site traffic

in front of this year formally to appear in the webmaster friends, do the webmaster know too many things to do too much, a network company that all have to be done alone, from market research, web design, domain name registration, hosting, website design, website promotion, SEO optimization, profit the realization of the model and so on, each stage also contains many knowledge and skills, can be described as everywhere is a rookie, then analyze and summarize the practice of learning and practice, I think only personal sorrow and joy as a webmaster can experience.


original sin: manual intervention search results

in contrast to the results, I first introduced the search engine works. In the Internet information space, the search engine spiders will release (Spider), according to its own search program (Indexer), the spider crawling around on the Internet, will return the information obtained continuously to the server database, and then by the search engine according to their core algorithms to establish the matching with the query conditions the record, finally returning to sort the query operation of the user.

from the "energy-saving" and "Sohu obscenity"

"Her name is

Yadar, Sohu online hits her," Uncle Chrysostom opened in recent years, the much sought after "Product placement" once again pushed in the teeth of the storm. A time of "Yadar" and "SOOHO" has become the Spring Festival this year, in the key words "the key", we can imagine, the Sohu in the face of Spring Festival evening scene full of laughter, the heart must be filled with pleasure.

to create a site of the original article


as a webmaster or blogger, you may believe that the site is content is king. Your site must have content. The publication of your weekly magazine, the introduction of free reports, the sale of e-books and other needs more content. In addition, in order to do marketing you also need articles. Oh, my God! Content, content, content… I’m sure I’m tired of writing to you all day and night. You have more important things to do. That’s how I am. Fortunately, I have a good way to help you save time and money to create original articles.

external links is not equal to the link

rankings are largely determined by the site’s external links. It can be said that many external links, good quality, it will certainly be able to get a good ranking. But all my friends are complaining about the difficulty of external links. In fact, they have entered the misunderstanding, the external link is not equal to the link.

use the forum to increase the chain signature experience

We do SEO

to the site, a large extent is to increase the chain to the site, to the forum post or replies by signature leave the chain is the most simple method, of course, we can’t go back to what posts are, some post back is useless, the following types of posts is that we should go back to the: < >

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