There is no third party to the development of network domain jump

November 26th news, according to foreign media reports, the Internet domain name authority ICANN said on Tuesday that the user’s DNS request redirection to the third party website will undermine the development of the internet.

the user spell in the wrong URL, or enter a domain name does not exist, the user is redirected to the third party sites, these sites are some information website normally, instead of returning DNS request error message.

this, ICANN believes that the move will bring a series of drawbacks to the Internet, and even lead to the Internet can not operate properly.

, for example, the user should immediately receive an error message when the message fails. But if this information is redirected through a site that is used to handle Web traffic, the return of the error message may have to wait in line, perhaps in a few days.

if the site is used to redirect the collapse, then the user may take longer to receive error messages, and even can not receive.

in addition, the redirect URL is the main target of hackers, hackers can trick users into their servers.

in addition, it also involves privacy issues. If some of the sensitive data by other countries to redirect the server, and these countries have different laws and regulations, the threat to user privacy.

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