Pacific direct purchase network customer service said funds have been frozen BMC model is still marg

lawyers said that the BMC model does not have specific domestic laws and regulations, is still in the edge of the

– reporter Hu Renfang

recently, Jiangxi wonderful Life Inc Tang Qingnan and others suspected of organizing and leading MLM activities in a case of first instance results is not clear, so the case triggered renewed debate about the BMC pattern, at the same time, once the scenery infinite "Jiangxi ten outstanding foreign" Tang Qingnan, then the fate of the industry is quite concerned.


argument is focus on the wonderful life, its official site in the Pacific direct purchase network legal qualitative promotion BMC mode, whether the model belongs to the pyramid category, China banned this, an unnamed industry lawyer told reporters, "on the BMC model, there is no detailed definition of the law. At the edge of".

accused of alleged MLM, the reporter did not see the relevant interpretation, the company in the wonderful life website on December 25th, Pacific direct purchase network online customer service staff told the "Securities Daily" reporter, "at present, the company has suspended business related business channels, funds were frozen, the state also gave no qualitative documents for this case survey has not come out".

for other issues mentioned by reporters, the other are not clear, did not get a reply, the reporter was told, the company did not call, only online customer service".

channel merchant business suspended

although the results of the first instance of the case has not come out, however, as the first case of a major e-commerce crime, the industry and the media is still a high degree of concern about the case.

display on the business license, Jiangxi Life Investment Development Co., Ltd. was founded in July 13, 2007, main hotel management, product development and technology, the first kind of value-added telecom services in the online data processing and transaction processing business, and the second category of value-added telecommunications business information services etc.. December 18, 2008 wonderful life set up e-commerce platform for the Pacific direct purchase network, launched the BMC business model.

subsequently, the reporter through the Jiangxi city of Nanchang 114 telephone navigation company contact information, was informed that the company has not registered". Can be linked to the company’s only Pacific direct purchase network online customer service, but the wiring staff told reporters, the company only online customer service, no external call". A company set up for 5 years, there is no external phone, really puzzling.

about the wonderful life through the Pacific direct purchase network of electronic commerce a suspected pyramid, online customer service told reporters, "at present, the company is cooperating with the investigation, channel business related business suspended funds shall be frozen, the normal operation of the business based mall website. The country has not yet given a qualitative document, the company has not received a qualitative document, the survey results have not come out".

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