Emergency! Pangu team released XcodeGhost virus detection tool


these two days of science and technology circles are most concerned about the event than the iOS XcodeGhost virus events. There are already a number of applications have been confirmed infected with the XcodeGhost virus. This famous jailbreak and mobile internet security research team Pangu released a XcodeGhost virus detection tool, to see your iPhone have not caught


Pangu team said has detected more than 1000 different versions of the application (deadline) infected with XcodeGhost (the whole), and is currently testing more applications, will put the results into the cloud capabilities, integrated into the XcodeGhost virus detection tool in the latest. That is to say the Pangu team will continue to update the detection results, and will be infected with the XcodeGhost virus used to upload to the cloud database, the user can always detect including the application of XcodeGhost virus infection on his mobile phone.


XcodeGhost virus detection tool has been updated to a new version, compatible with iOS 7 system. Users can download the XcodeGhost virus detection tool to http://s.x.pangu.io.

is now officially infected with XcodeGhost virus known applications include:

NetEase cloud music

drops travel


China Unicom mobile phone business hall

High German map

Jane book

pea pod


NetEase open class

under the kitchen

51 card safe


CITIC Bank card space

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