The development of new trends in BT’s anti file sharing websites

Download for lovers, the worst in 2009.

BT download the two banner sites – Pirate Bay and Mininova – both suffered major setbacks in 2009. In the first half, the Pirate Bay lost the first instance, four administrators were found guilty, need to be sentenced to prison in the second half, Mininova lost in the first instance, was forced to withdraw all violations of the Torrent file, equivalent to the actual closure.

addition, copyright organization also increase the intensity of other siege BT download site, won a series of victories in court. File sharing movement into a low tide, BT download has been an unprecedented impact.

but where there is oppression, there is resistance. The tide of new technology is not something that old laws can prevent. A quiet, file sharing is undergoing some new changes. Here, according to TorrentFreak, I summarize some of the recent noteworthy events.


January 21st, the Pirate Bay’s latest project, IPREDator, provides VPN services. Customers using this service can hide their IP addresses, leaving no trace of traceability.

the direct purpose of this site is to fight the Swedish Parliament in 2009 passed the anti piracy law IPRED. The law clearly stipulates that ISP has the obligation to submit to the right of the infringing user’s IP address. The Pirate Bay will be the site named IPREDator, literal translation is "people eat IPRED".


in technology, it is not special and other VPN services, and 3 months 15 euros fee is not cheap, but the Pirate Bay said, will not retain any more, the system log files, and also to future communication between the client and the server, take further encryption. This means that if you use IPREDator, even the gods can’t find you.



January 23rd, Demonoid announced from the closed Tracker, into an open Tracker. This makes it the world’s second largest BT download site after pirate bay.

last September, Demonoid announced a temporary shutdown. Many people think that it will not come back again. But in mid December, it reopened, and in January this year to complete the upgrade. At present, it has completely replaced the role of the original Mininova.


January 26th, ReactorFeed on-line. It is Torrent selection >

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