To promote the migrant workers entrepreneurship process in Chengdu city’s first entrepreneurial trai

in order to better help migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training work is needed to do one, therefore, the first Chengdu city migrant workers entrepreneurship training has been established, at present in Jintang county. Policy support, I believe can help more migrant workers to achieve entrepreneurial dream!

3 17, Jintang County Community in Hong Longshan the return of migrant workers training, the training is the return of migrant workers training in Chengdu pilot, is the city’s history the first phase, a total of 100 people participating. Jintang county to Chengdu City People Club Bureau under the guidance of the training, the establishment of a multi-level diversified home business pattern, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of migrant workers, to create more employment opportunities and entrepreneurship.



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