The hotel is very popular

business dinners more and more business hotel, high-end demand, so the business friends want attention, rushed to the gold rush delicious food and beverage market, earn wealth, open a business hotel, absolutely can make a profit.

"for business people, is simply too important to eat. Because of the commercial purpose, how to eat is no longer a simple thing. Abalone, bird’s nest or it becomes a business tool or props." A diet expert said. Indeed, because of China’s traditional culture history and living habits, so long in China, "eat" is given a more complex meaning, often want to do a thing, always through the way to dinner.


"business is a very important link in the whole business, and our country’s food culture especially developed, many business negotiations are finalized in the table." Tophere restaurant catering department director Dong Xiaocheng said, "the way to negotiate business, to achieve better results, the communication between the two sides for easy, easy, and can increase the business chance of success, so business is an effective means of business."

"Zhongguancun is the preferred location of all commercial investors, regardless of the current IT industry, or real estate, catering and other industries, the rapid development process in all. Tens of thousands of enterprises, but also become a huge source of commercial consumption, so Zhongguancun’s catering industry has great market potential, customer spending power advantage.

now people’s living standard continuously improve in the business, the market is growing, although business accounted for the feast in the restaurant in the proportion is not large, but the amount of consumption is very large." Wahaha drunk love fashion restaurant operations manager Yuan Shengjun told the Zhongguancun business consumer market potential is good, it also shows many other catering aspirations.

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