The return of entrepreneurial wealth let the new style village.

The results of

‘s return to entrepreneurship have been achieved in many villages. Through the new village Nanning entrepreneurial wealth, has fundamentally changed, people with the hard-working hands, will be home for the new rural construction is full of beautiful style.

in February 14th this year, the seventh day, held in the new village "open" folk cultural activities, the hospitality of the people to work with quiet hundred feast, warmly invited guests around come to enjoy, and feel the new achievements of the new village appearance and development.

villagers Meng Runpeng has just returned from Shenzhen to work, see the hometown every year. One year later, the beautiful village bears everywhere the opportunity, can not help but move their entrepreneurial idea. Meng Runpeng told reporters that Ann was a poor soil, to plant sugar cane, watermelon, papaya, sometimes you have to get up in the depth of night work very hard. The villagers lived in a brick tile bungalow, walked the gravel road, a street outside the village is very troublesome, women are not willing to marry to the village. In 2007, only 20 years old, he went to work in Shenzhen. He stepped from the workers to do foreman, supervisor, monthly salary from 2000 yuan gradually rose to $8000.

and Meng Runpeng have the same idea, there are villagers Meng Runxing. 2005 Meng Runxing is also working in Shenzhen, engaged in the hairdressing industry, in 2010 with technology back to Nanning opened a hair salon. Now see the new changes in his hometown, he felt very suitable to do farmhouse". Therefore recommended

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