What are the ten major areas of entrepreneurial success

even if the effort is the same, but if you choose the right field, the probability of success will undoubtedly be higher. In short, entrepreneurship has become a global topic, each country has to strive to get the highest value of life. Looking for a quality project, it is equal to half the success of entrepreneurship, which is a lot of people in the industry recognized theory, small series also think.

what kind of business to cater to the market, get the most profits? Today Xiaobian take you inventory of nearly five years of high success rate of the top ten projects.

10 enterprise health management services

employee’s health is directly related to the efficiency and development of the enterprise, employee health management is an important part of the global enterprise management, is an important measure to improve the efficiency of enterprise human resources. The health management of enterprises is the process of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling the existing health resources of all employees of the enterprise. The enterprise can through this process, effectively promote the internal members of health, so as to create a harmonious environment for the sustainable development of enterprises, to avoid unnecessary friction, so as to create value for the enterprise. Because of rising health care costs, and as a preventive measure, more and more companies need such enterprise health service providers.

annual revenue growth (2011-2016): 9.8%

company growth (2011-2016): 8.7%

entrepreneurship difficulty: medium

capital intensity: low

2011 profit margin: 5.2%

9 science and technology consulting

consulting company is specialised in their respective industries, to provide customers with technical development advice, they emphasized in the development of global economy, the growth of economic advisers can compete in the market linked to the 2016 global technology and economic consulting will create $28 billion 600 million.

annual revenue growth (2011-2016): 3.8%

company growth (2011-2016): 2.1%

entrepreneurial difficulty:

capital intensity: low

2011 profit margin: 11%

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