With the help of the Xinjiang nut cake Tucao Shanghai Longfeng status

forum closed from light-years from the moment I think we should understand that Shanghai Longfeng domestic environment has to be clearly to the time of treatment, no exaggeration to say that those of us ordinary webmaster is the Internet garbage from the beginning of the development of Shanghai, the initiator of evil, and some simple keyword plus chain simply can home in the search engine exhaust is very easy, but with the passage of time, Shanghai dragon optimization is no longer mysterious, everyone seems to love Shanghai Mozhun temperament, but unscrupulous in order to optimize the optimization, the key word accumulation, making bridge page, buy black chain and so on, great success brings so many webmaster obsession. So you can see each forum is full of links, each high weight website is soft, is such a development environment, this is the website forum do not adjust mentality, light, is also a good read more

Not to do keyword ranking for the purpose to send the chain


you may ask, do not send the chain how to send? First I to tell you about in my understanding what is the high quality of the chain! A high quality of the chain must be based on the user groups, and the content of the chain has very high contribution value for user groups this is the high quality chain. In order to do keyword ranking and everywhere the hair of the chain, in fact, has been the garbage outside the chain, not only to use, the latter will affect.

is a website to get good rankings, you cannot leave the chain and content on the Internet after all! The Shanghai dragon Er cried every day "content is king" and "the chain for emperor" slogan, if not Shanghai Longfeng people to see these information will know, the original Shanghai dragon is to update the article, hair what the hair of the chain, actually also does not have what difficulty! In fact, these are some wrong understanding. Today the author mainly discusses the problem is "not to do keyword ranking for the purpose of this topic to send the chain", so "content is king" this section will skip the next article, I will focus on writing. read more

On the website of Shanghai dragon — the status quo of keywords, description, title


, a web site keywords (keywords)


2, the writing rules of


display position

pages use different keywords as the site title, common Title Mode "product name 1_" in order to increase the number of search engine grab snapshot;

is currently on the market with a variety of websites, the website quality of a more common situation is that many do network promotion client sites exist various problems, to share with you today the key issues related to Shanghai dragon, Xiao Bian free fall in love with two sea search keywords "Sliced noodles robot" and "seedling", by right clicking the view source code, find the following screenshot content: read more

The love of Shanghai is how to sort the keywords

, as everyone knows, the website content is king, but the early love of Shanghai based on no user, it is unable to determine the content of a web site quality, it can only recognize the similarity of the content, the website keywords ranking, more is to do well in the station optimization, because there will be no ranking not included Shanghai, to deal with love for the content is divided into the following steps: crawling, indexing, filtering, output, what kind of articles will be included in the search engine? In addition to identify high similarity of the article, Shanghai white love can identify some dead links, blank content page: read more

Local travel agencies in the six bit of advice website and optimization of tourism website

, the first tourist site in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai tourism website dragon is free and the most effective promotion methods, the website of Shanghai Dragon Well, you can bring the Everfount source. Of course, this requirement is very high, Shanghai Longfeng personnel have the strength of the travel agency can hire professional help you manage and optimize. Personal webmaster or do not want to spend money please tourism Commissioner Shanghai Longfeng friends can go to learn Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon only involves a lot, to spend more time to fully grasp. read more

How to do web site optimization, right down away from danger

If the

second, do not often see the accumulation of key words, put a lot of keywords in the ALT property, that is to do with the image annotation, not the accumulation place, and pay attention to the use of H1, can not, but not enough and so on, don’t try to choose flash as the content, and the last is to improve the optimization code the speed of the site of the right key.

The new

first when choosing the theme of the site, must be clear what is the web site content, determine a theme is not easily modified, then the title and description according to site keywords optimization. "Metadescription is a concise summary of the web content. read more

The real source of traffic on the website construction details

first is the title of the website, after the customer to find relevant information through search engines, they may be not a browsing, they don’t have so much free time, do not have this in a leisurely and carefree mood. They need to find information needed in a short time, the title plays a role on human psychology, the difference is not the same, they love the different styles of the header, but often the Internet information are very clear, now the Internet advertising information five flowers eight door, have people very disgusted, even the information they need, then click on the ad does not have value, and the experience of being cheated, now customers are very cautious, browse the relevant information they need are more rational, if a title information using exaggerated description method, the first comparison cool target customers heart is very repugnant, even with this content. They feel like this brag, first is a credit problem, who can do all of their products are the best, you take what guarantee? So more euphemistic and simple title will attract more attention. He would think of doing business with such people will be more at ease. read more

n the industry when website brand word will bring what loss to the website

you see Taobao comprehensive screen love Shanghai, love Shanghai why it included home page. The reason is very simple navigation word is a huge traffic demand, the user is in great demand on the inside, love Shanghai search hot search >

car home this brand word several times higher than the love of the word Shanghai index of the car, of course, can do so few successful websites. But we want to improve the weight of the website, one of the important means of our later is to promote our website brand, enhance the user groups, more important is the performance of the key role in reducing the right time. If your site has a lot of fixed user groups, and the habit of using search engines to find your website, this is a very valuable performance. Now love Shanghai often algorithm upgrade, but this upgrade is not mature, resulting in massive fire site. If you create this user habits. That is your site to buy a ticket for the general insurance, so that the user groups of web search engines will respect you. read more

Keyword density still has an important effect on the ranking

Although the

keyword density can affect the keywords ranking, but random accumulation will not bring effect on the ranking, must occur naturally, such as tea this page keywords, is very natural, there is no accumulation phenomenon; if we force the insertion to a page keywords, although can enhance the page keyword density. But we found that this effect is counterproductive, because others enter the website, did not find what you want.

density had ranked importance to keywords: a page, a large number of keywords if there is complete, then love Shanghai will be judged this page with the keyword is relevant, when people enter the keyword to find the key words you want in the shortest period of time, it is undoubtedly the best content in experience is relatively good. read more

The relationship between user experience and website optimization direction

my site today officially transferred to China, in the process encountered some problems in Internet information Chinese webmaster and WordPress blogger and space business customer service staff’s help, finally came to an end, some faster, at the same time changed and I like English station Linux host, after all Linux is the WordPress of heaven.

a lot of people are talking about love Shanghai algorithm, Google algorithm, in fact I think things are not so complicated, regression, regression search engine development objective. Here are a few examples: personal Google relatively more familiar with some, some phenomenon here in the case of Google said Google algorithm update. Do English Shanghai dragon should all know, we optimize the site in addition to the station, must also regularly use GA for data analysis, GA data can show Google algorithm change to. GA has the bounce rate, return rate, time series data, the noble baby is actually want to use the data to record the visitor’s behavior, and the behavior of these users to determine the site to be important. So when we do the GA analysis, we must consider how to reduce the bounce rate, improve the rate of return, through the station optimization to increase the page access depth etc.. read more