Site is not excessive optimization, you know

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tags can improve the site optimization, but excessive use of tags with the same optimization excessive phenomenon, some owners will fully feel the label does not matter, just use the optimization label commonly used with H, TAG, ALT and so on, only in accordance with the demand to make better.

here is a simple example of H1 > tag

optimization site is not because Shanghai and Shanghai dragon and Phoenix believes that many webmaster have heard this word, if once the website optimization is likely to cause excessive search engine punishment. The real Shanghai dragon is not to meet the search engine, but the user experience based, supplemented by search engine. As long as the user then your website ranking never worse. Below the author to share four points, with the explanation of Shanghai dragon over optimization: read more

The back 2012 outlook 2013

June 2012 published the article "on the outside of the chain what exists" send >

released in April 2012 by the "farewell Shanghai dragon optimization promotion website" soft released in April listed a number of farewell Shanghai dragon optimization article, found that in addition to the use of intoxicants mall Shanghai dragon, the promotion of the use of other very little, which will inevitably bring some risks, when the site after being punished, the flow will directly decrease. read more