Disney Store Merchandise Report – July 2019

first_imgShare This!Welcome to our monthly feature, the Disney Store merchandise report, where we look at merchandise that’s available in the physical store locations in the United States. There is some overlap on Disney-branded items with what’s offered in the stores in the Disney theme parks and resorts, and there is lots of overlap with what’s offered online at shopDisney.com, but not everything that’s online is in the stores, not everything that’s in the stores is online, not everything that’s in the stores is in the parks, and so on.Photos of the in-store merchandise come from my “home” Disney Store location, the flagship store in Times Square, New York City.Good news! They’re running a sale until July 21, earn $25 for every $50 you spend in the store.Toy StoryThe store still has plenty of the Toy Story Merchandise we featured last month. You will still find Forky on mugs, tees, and more. Here are few of the highlights. School Supplies and BackpacksIt that time of year again. Back to school! There are lots of fun school supplies, but I find the backpacks particularly interesting. Many are as cute as the Loungefly fashion backpacks sold in the parks, and these are about half the price. PlushAs always, the wall of plush is brimming. Here too the selection is heavy on the dogs of Disney. Donald DuckThe store had a decent selection of Donald Duck-themed merch, presumably related to his recent 85th birthday. My favorite item is the adorable Donald-head cookie jar. Disney DogsA new display this month features images of dogs in the Disney animated films. Lion KingAs the Toy Story merchandise stock depletes, Lion King merch is taking its place. The new “live action” film opens on July 19. Chic PrincessesThe store has a large supply of standard Disney princess dresses, but they’re also starting to carry a line of chic Disney-bounding princess-inspired clothing for kids. DescendantsThe third installments of the Disney Channel original movie series is due out on August 2, but if you have a young daughter you already know that. Are any of these items on your must-buy list? Let us know in the comments. SalesSome sections of merchandise are on sale. July 4th merch and other summer items are understandably marked down, as is the remainder of the Mickey True Original line that debuted several months ago. Kids’ PajamasI don’t often wish my kids were preschoolers again, but when I do, it’s almost always when I see adorable tiny clothing. I mean, how awesome are these Captain Marvel PJs? Pro tip: this sleepwear could absolutely double as a Halloween costume – more comfortable and actually useful.last_img read more

SA seeks investment in Uganda

first_imgPresident Jacob Zuma is in Uganda to strengthen relations with the country. (Image: The Presidency) MEDIA CONTACTS • Vincent Magwenya Spokesperson to the President +27 12 300 5315 +27 82 835 6315 [email protected] RELATED ARTICLES • SA to strengthen ties with Britain • SA, UK’s unique relationship • South Africa, Brazil cement ties • SA, Angola strengthen ties Bongani NkosiSouth Africa and Uganda are set to strengthen economic and political relations during President Jacob Zuma’s two-day state visit to the East African country.Zuma, who arrived there on the evening of 24 March, is being accompanied by more than 30 South African business people and nine government ministers.“The visit is aimed at further enhancing economic and political relations between the two countries, developments in the East African region as well as multilateral cooperation in the African Union, United Nations and other key forums,” Zuma’s communications advisor Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.The delegation, which includes Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, is expected to sign bilateral agreements in agriculture, trade, science and technology, and customs cooperation, Kodwa said.The South African business contingent has been introduced to opportunities in Uganda through a forum co-chaired by trade ministers from both countries. “This will help to expand the areas of economic cooperation”.Agriculture, tourism, mining and energy, and information and communications technology have been the key areas identified by the South African government to offer “profitable investment opportunities in Uganda”.Uganda’s Daily Nation newspaper reported that during his visit Zuma would launch the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, a non-profit organisation set up to attract potential investors.Chairperson of the chamber, Elly Karuhanga, said they expect the South African business delegation to look for ways to become involved in Uganda’s growing oil sector, the newspaper reported.“Since the discovery of oil, Uganda has become an attractive investment destination for investors,” he said, according to the daily. “Very many investors are now eying the country because of the expected opportunities that come with oil.”Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced the discovery of oil in the country in 2009 and since then prominent firms, such as UK-based Tullow Oil, have landed lucrative deals there.“The mining, oil and refining of petroleum sector with the discovery of oil in the Lake Albert region also provides new areas of business,” said Zuma, addressing the South Africa-Uganda Business Forum on 25 March.Uganda, which recorded a GDP of US$14.5-billion (R108-billion) in 2008/09, lists South Africa as one of its major goods suppliers, alongside Kenya, India, China and the US.SA presence in UgandaMobile phone network operator MTN is currently the leading South African business in Uganda. The company broke into the market there in 1998 and now boasts about 3 500 000 customers. It “has since grown to be the leading telecommunications company in Uganda” and “we are still growing”, according to the MTN website.Other South African businesses with a presence in the East African country include Stanbic Bank Uganda, a subsidiary of Standard Bank, and Shoprite and Game stores.“We recognize that South Africans are among the top contributors to foreign direct investment flows to Uganda, and South Africa is firmly entrenched near the top of the list of countries from which Uganda sources imports,” said Zuma.ANC freedom fighters honouredlast_img read more

The 747, Queen Of The Skies, turns 50

first_imgThe 747 just before its roll out. Fifty years ago this week on September 30, 1968, the Queen of the Skies that made travel affordable for all, the Boeing 747, rolled out into the Seattle sunshine.But its birth was to bring dark clouds to the leaders in commercial aviation at the time and almost bankrupted all three.SEE our video “Dispelling the myths about flying.”Ironically, the 747 wasn’t supposed to carry passengers for very many years as the world looked to supersonic travel with the Boeing SST and the Concorde.Boeing has now sold 1,568 747s and it’s still in production with the latest model still turning heads.But giving life to the aircraft that changed the world was a challenge that brought the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing, the then biggest engine builder Pratt, and Whitney and the legendary Pan Am to their knees.READ: New interior images of the 777X show a new level of comfortIn the late 60s, Boeing’s resources were stretched to the absolute limit as its engineers grappled with the complexities of its US government sponsored 2707 supersonic transport, which was eventually scrapped by Congress on May 20, 1971, despite commitments for 115 from 25 airlines.At the time the 747 was considered only an interim solution before the world’s air routes were taken over by supersonics but fortunately, Boeing had appointed Joe Sutter, a brilliant young designer, to the project and he was to father the classic of the jet age.747Joe Sutter in front of the first 747. Credit Boeing Historical Archives colorized by Benoit VienneMr. Sutter was extremely modest on this role.“I was the only qualified person available. All the smart guys, Maynard Pennell, Bill Cook, Bob Withington, and many others were tied up on the SST, while Jack Steiner was heading the 737 programs,” Mr. Sutter said in a 2009 interview with the author.The 747 was designed at the outset to be a freighter as everyone thought the 747 would be relegated to cargo routes.“That’s what Boeing’s marketing people thought; they estimated we’d probably sell 50 or so 747s for passenger use,” said Mr. Sutter.The 747 was a mass travel dream of Pan American World Airways founder Juan Trippe and Boeing chief Bill Allen.747Boeing’s Bill Allen (Left) and Pan Am’s Juan Trippe. Credit Boeing Historical Archives colorized by Benoit VienneMr Trippe had started mass travel in 1948 when he introduced economy class onto 70 seat DC-4s.But the 747 was far, far bigger. It would carry over 350 – almost double the Boeing 707 – and would slash fares.It is impossible to find anyone who recalls if there was a definitive business plan for the 747. But traffic was booming for the airline industry which had enjoyed growth of 15 percent a year through the early 1960s as passengers flocked to jet aircraft.Mr. Trippe was a man on a mission.He wanted to make travel affordable for everyone and he believed that the 747 with the new high bypass turbofan engine could do just that.Pan Am ordered 25 but most airlines were terrified of the jumbo’s size. Qantas ordered 4, British Airways 6, while many airlines just ordered 2 or 3 just to stay in the jumbo race.747However, the trickle of orders wasn’t the major problem it was the 747’s weight.Initially, it was to weigh 250,000kg but this leaped to 322,000kgs by the time it flew because of design changes impacting range, altitude, speed, and fuel burn. A solution, to run the engines at higher temperatures to give more thrust, was found and within six months of entering service, the jumbo was performing at acceptable levels.Despite the many problems encountered in its manufacture, the birth of the 747 was an amazing feat. Pan Am took delivery of its first aircraft just 3-and-a-half years after its order was placed and that included a 10-month flight-test program.Because the 747 was so big airlines splashed out with lounges. There was the upper deck lounge and many had lounges at the back of economy class. However a Boeing proposal for a lower deck lounge – called the Tiger Lounge, because of the fabric design used in the mock-up never made it.747The 747 gleams in the Seattle sunThe spacious age, however, was short-lived with airlines responding to a demand for cheaper and cheaper travel in the late 1970s by adding more seats.There have been many variants of the superjet. The upper deck was stretched for the -300 model and a modified wing and bigger engines added for the longer range -400 version.The 747 was also shrunk for the SP (Special Performance) model that was the first aircraft to be able to cross the South Pacific from the US to Australia non-stop.Finally, the 747 itself was stretched to create the 747-8, which features wing changes and 787 engines.Today the 747 is still the Queen of the Skies to many and for billions of passengers, it is the plane that enabled them to see the world.Tomorrow AirlineRatings.com looks at the Boeing’s jumbo kingdom.last_img read more

6 Steps to Grow Your Small Business with Cold Email

first_imgHimanshu Gupta Tags:#lead generation#small business#startups Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Related Posts Can business run only on cold emails? Who reads emails these days? I know these questions must be popping up in your head. But let me tell you, cold emails can still help you in generating new leads for your business if done in the right way. Use the six steps to grow your small business with cold emails.Many businesses still are using cold emails to drive sales. If you are in the notion that emails can only help you close small deals, then you’re mistaken. I have seen examples of companies using cold email to close large enterprise deals too.These exact steps will help take you as a small business owner and generate great leads for your business.1. Build a persona.I have been into marketing for close to two years now, and my most important takeaway in this short span has been the importance of creating the right personas. If you can create the right persona, your half the job is done. But how can you create the right persona? Here are some tips.The simplest way of creating a person is filtering people depending on certain factors. For example, if I run a marketing agency that serves startups, then I would target the Founders of the startup whose size is less than 50 employees. Get the details and let that help you to send targeted emails.2. Investing in a tool.Many people prefer sending cold emails manually, but that’s fine when you want to send 300 emails in a month. But what if you want to send emails at scale, let’s say around 100 per day. You’ll require a tool to help you send emails campaigns of this scale.Not only will you be able to save on a lot of time, but it also helps you track a lot of metrics such as open rates, click rates & more. One tool that I came across the last few months that’s working well for me is Lemlist. It’s a great tool, especially when you are just starting out.3. Sending the right emails.The subject line & the email body is everything. It can make & break things for you. Let’s talk about the subject line first. Your subject line is crucial if you want your emails to be opened & read by your prospects. Try to be very precise with your subjects.Some of the best subject lines include:Quick QuestionQuestion for Keeping the subject line, a little simple helps a lot. Coming to the content, make sure you have these four elements in the body:– Personalization (Name, Company Name ).– Reason for reaching out (keep it short & simple).– Social Proof.– CTA (like a meeting link).Avoid writing long emails as they tend to get fewer responses. Opt for short and sweet.4. Follow up is the key.Many people give up in the first followup itself. But following up multiple time is the key, there are times where people get replies even after the fourth or fifth follow up.Also, make sure to personalize the follow-ups before sending them. Make sure to include a reason for following up each time. Unless you do this, there’s no use of following up, and you’ll end up getting mostly unsubscribes.5. Quality vs Quantity.Something that has always worked for me is focusing on quality rather than quantity. I know many would disagree with me, but quality always wins over quantity. So make sure to put your best efforts in each email so that you can end up getting more replies & open rates.It’s not about the hard work but smart work.6. Track your success.Doing everything at the same time doesn’t help. Try to tabulate the success of each campaign before starting another one. By evaluating first, it will help you in executing the next campaign better. If you don’t want to invest in a tool, then you can use Google Sheets to track campaign metrics.Some metrics you must note are – open rates, responses, link clicks & deals closed.ConclusionHope you had few takeaways from the post. If you’re looking for other ways of the lead generation, then I’ll recommend you to try cold emails. They are still very effective if done correctly.What are your tips for cold emails? Mention them in the comments below. I’d love to learn them. How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture I’m a blogger and I handle content marketing at Exotel. I love marketing, growth hacking & reading growth stories. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videoslast_img read more

What Nobody Teaches You About Getting Your Startup Off the Ground

first_imgPrepare for Hard Work Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Digital marketing: Marketing represents a fundamental business component. This goes for all types of companies, from global corporations to the smallest startups (even the ones of essay writers community or online assignment help service). However, not too many entrepreneurs will warn you to accumulate enough funds for marketing activities. Generally speaking, there are two ways to promote your startup: Form a Good Team Okay, so you’ve come up with this incredible product idea and now want to make a fortune selling it? That is totally fine, but we strongly encourage you to ask yourself one question – is there enough demand for this item?Over 40% of businesses that failed listed a lack of market need as a contributing factor. This is actually the main cause of startup failures, so make sure do the research and test customers’ preferences before launching a business. Competitors are too strong and impossible to outperform Ignoring customers and their demands Running out of cash and not being able to finance the project anymore China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … You Are Not Alone A lot of startups don’t want to bother with traditional marketing formats, but it would be a big mistake if you are running a local business and targeting customers from the neighborhood. In this case, we strongly suggest using promo mechanisms such as events and print, radio, and TV advertising. There Is No Market Need for the Product Startup owners are mostly solo performers who want to take care of everything single-handedly, but this is not how the real-world business works. Instead of being an all-around player, you should form a good team of trustworthy professionals.For instance, you will hire a lawyer for legal affairs, a marketer to run campaigns, an expert writer to write website content, a sales manager to attract customers, etc. Let us be clear about one thing straight away — running a startup is difficult. No matter what people tell you, rest assured you are going to deal with lots of problems, including financial issues, deadlines, mental pressure, and so on.Although startups give you that much-needed level of professional independence, they also make you fully responsible for everything. This can be a heavy burden for most entrepreneurs, so do your best to prepare for the challenge and get used to being the person in charge of everything. As a startup owner, you must take these issues into account and prepare well to avoid failure. Running a Startup Is Difficult Startups Really Fail The last thing we want to tell you is to prepare for hard work 365 days a year. As a startup owner, you need to keep things under control around the clock, so you can forget about traditional 9-to-5 work. It is all up to you, so get out there and do your best to build a profitable business.ConclusionCreating your own business can be an excellent career opportunity, but only if you invest enough time and efforts into market research. You have to get it all covered, from business plan to customer service strategy, if you want to make a successful story and start earning some real money.But in order to do so, you need to learn both sides of the startup story. In this article, we explained what nobody taught you about getting your startup off the ground.Do you plan to launch a startup? Have you ever thought about the details mentioned above? Please read and reread. I want to help you. You Need a Business Plan Michael Gorman This solution is perfect for service-oriented companies doing most of the work online. Digital marketing grants you exposure to over two-thirds of the global population via emails, websites, and social media. Related Posts Marketing Is Fundamental Launching a startup seems like the most promising business opportunity for creative individuals who don’t want to drive down traditional career roads. This is exactly why startups are flourishing worldwide, flooding every niche from home services to online retail. Here is what nobody teaches you about getting your startup off the ground.Every Startup Isn’t SuccessfulOn the contrary, studies prove that 90% of startups fail due to the broad scope of problems. It’s a serious figure that should make you curious and willing to learn more about the whole process before launching your own business.While the Internet is packed with positive articles and success stories, there are still so many downsides and issues that you need to understand. In this post, we will explain nine things that nobody teaches you about getting your startup off the ground. While you really are the only person responsible for the startup, don’t think that you are completely alone out there. The Internet hosts hundreds of startup-oriented forums and communities that you can join to find out precious information about the business. It’s impossible to mention every single community currently available online, but some of our favorite picks include Startup Grind, Growth Hackers, and Reddit. Most people think that all it takes to run a startup is an excellent idea for a new type of product or service. You will hardly ever hear someone telling you that the idea is just the beginning of the process because now you need to design a comprehensive business plan.Jake Gardner, a finance analyst at Nerdywriters and My Assignment Help says a business plan represents a core document: “It’s a step-by-step guide that describes your business goals, the mechanisms to reach them, as well as the timeframe needed to fulfill these objectives.” Traditional marketing: Michael Gorman offers assignment help for students in need. He currently works for custom coursework writing service and Bestessays Uk. In his free time, Michael enjoys writing blog posts that help people become the best version of themselves and his biggest goal in life is to discover the world’s greatest mysteries. Michael’s passion is to travel the world and capture the world’s most amazing and stunning places with his camera. He can be reached on his Facebook and Twitter profiles. Not preparing a feasible marketing strategy Create an Attractive Website How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture We mentioned this one before, but it’s impossible to overestimate startup failure rates. The vast majority of startups fail because they can’t handle one or multiple business problems, with the usual suspects being as follows: A startup without a website is like a man with no identity documents. Therefore, you must design a good-looking website to host digital guests and present your company’s portfolio.Jason Matthews, a great web analyst, says the site should contain the basic information about your team: “Besides that, it needs a list of products, contact details, and a blog with the latest industry news and relevant articles. Of course, don’t hesitate to add anything else that your target audience might consider important.” How to Make the Most of Your Software Developer…last_img read more

Focus now on 2015 and not on retirement, says Viswanathan Anand

first_imgTwo world championship losses in successive years to a younger and more dominating opponent and the retirement question becomes a norm, even if you are- Viswanathan Anand. But seeing the ambition in his eyes and the determination to bounce back you realise its futile asking him that question. “There’s a lot to look forward to this year,” he tells Headlines Today in an exclusive conversation.Following his loss to Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, Anand has since won the London classic. And although not a big fan of the football like 3 for win, 1 for a draw, points system for the tournament, he admits the win has helped him recover. “The whole thing with the world championships was a pity especially because I had chances but life goes on. The very next tournament I won has made me feel a lot better,” says the 45-year-old Anand.The five time world champion agrees a non championship year allows him a breather and is strongly in disapproval of the way two championships were held in succession in the past two years. “It’s definitely insane playing a world championship every year. I think they should change that schedule anyway. Either 13′ or 14′ should not have been a world championship. But it will be nice to play tournaments and try and take them as a challenge in 2015.”He hates to delve into the Sochi encounter too much but one can see how much it meant to him. “There is disappointment but at some point you realise that life goes on and you find new challenges. I am fine now,” he says.advertisementEfforts to have another crack at Carlsen in 2016 will keep him going, but to get there would mean another candidates win in the same year. And to get to the candidates tournament in good form, he would require a good 2015. “This year I will play tournaments and keep my self in shape. Plus lots of young players are all trying to qualify for the candidates so I will be following them and trying to learn and pacing myself. It’s also nice to have a year where you have just tournaments and a different kind of challenge. That’s not to suggest that this year I will just be lounging around it’s a serious year with serious tournaments,” he says firmly.Just minutes ago somebody asked him a question if Magnus Carlsen reminds him of any cricketer? “Virat Kohli maybe,” he thinks and answers. And is there any cricketer like Vishy Anand? “Can’t think of anyone,” he says. He didn’t say it but could well have said MS Dhoni.So does body language play a role in chess, we ask him of facing off against the more expressive Magnus Carlsen. “Not too much. Everyone has their own body language. What matters is a series of good moves. When that happens, all falls in place,” he says.We take a final effort to see if he has even begun to delve into retirement. If he got another shot at Carlsen and won, would the thought than occur to him? “There are too many ifs in the question. Let’s focus on what I can do this year and try and get there in 2016,” he signs off with a smile.last_img read more

Lane Kiffin Takes Dig At Tennessee With Recruiting Article

first_imgLane Kiffin holding his son after Alabama wins national championship.Twitter/@lane_kiffinWhen Lane Kiffin was hired as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, many wondered how the dynamic would work with his former employer, Tennessee, as a major rival. Kiffin has made it very clear: he leans all the way into the hate that he receives from Vols fans.Lane Kiffin has trolled Tennessee over and over on Twitter. He continued the efforts this afternoon, sharing an article from Gridiron Now about Tennessee’s struggles in holding onto top talent from within The Volunteer State.Tennessee loaded with top-level recruits — but they’re leaving the state https://t.co/gSTNhKtftJ— Lane Kiffin (@Lane_Kiffin) August 1, 2016In the article, Dave Hooker points out that Nashville is producing more football talent than in the past. However, many of those players don’t have immediate ties to Tennessee. At the same time, other recruiting powers like Alabama and Clemson are taking more advantage of the local recruiting boom than Tennessee is in its own backyard.With one of the best group of recruits in history, in-state recruiting certainly has changed in Tennessee.The mid-state area surrounding Nashville is chock full of talent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean prospects will flock to play for the Vols. Nashville is much like Atlanta a few decades ago: Both cities are filled with families that have moved into the area, not born and raised there.Nashville has seen economic growth while other areas of the country have struggled. That means more families have moved in. But those families – and the prospects from those families – have previous allegiances.According to 247Sports‘ rankings, the state currently has nine blue chip recruits in the class of 2017. Four-star safety Maleik Gray is a Vols commit. Clemson has three players on that list, No. 1 Tennessee recruit Tee Higgins (five-star wide receiver), four-star running back Cordarrian Richardson, and four-star wide receiver Amari Rodgers.We don’t think Kiffin was too concerned with sharing an interesting article about the shifting SEC recruiting landscape. He wanted to get a dig in against Tennessee, something he does with increasing regularity. Until the Vols can beat Alabama, which they haven’t done since 2006, there isn’t much for Tennessee fans to say in response.last_img read more

Mens soccer moves up in conference standings with victory over Penn State

It was a game the Ohio State men’s soccer team had to have to keep their hopes of a conference championship alive, and it was a game they got by defeating No. 24 Penn State, 2-1, on Sunday. “We’ve kept our hopes alive,” coach John Bluem said. “There are a whole bunch of teams in the running now for it but we’re real happy for the guys. That was a great win for us.”Under sunny skies at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium, the Buckeyes came out playing very aggressive and with a sense of urgency. They looked for early scoring opportunities, which finally paid off in the 14th minute of play.The Buckeyes struck when Austin McAnena put one into the left corner of the goal. It was set up by a great outlet pass from Konrad Warzycha, who crossed the ball into the middle of the field and McAnena finished it off by giving the Buckeyes the 1-0 advantage.For McAnena, it was his fourth goal of the year and the freshman seems to be developing into a solid player for the Buckeyes. There have been multiple times this season when McAnena has been on the receiving end of a pass into the middle of the field and several times it has ended with a Buckeyes goal.Early in the second half, the Buckeyes added another goal. This time it was Konrad Warzycha who got his first goal of the season to give the Bucks a 2-0 lead. Sam Scales and McAnena each had an assist on the score. “That was a great goal by Austin to get us off to the good start and then an electric goal by Konrad in the second half really made the difference,” Bluem said.For the Buckeyes, it was McAnena, Warzycha, and Scales who provided the offense for OSU. All three were involved on both goals. Penn State was not done, though, as the Nittany Lions tried to mount a comeback. In the 59th minute of play, Frank Costigliola kicked one from deep that somehow went into the net and cut the Buckeye lead to 2-1. Penn State turned up the heat once they scored and had several good chances to tie the game but OSU found a way to hold them off and get the conference win. The Buckeyes (8-3-3, 2-1 Big Ten) continue to keep pace with the top teams in the conference. OSU will return to action on Wednesday for its last home game of the regular season. It will also be the Bucks’ last non-conference game of the season, as they face West Virginia at 5:30 p.m. read more