Minister Thwaites Announces Interim Measures to Regulate Tertiary Education

first_imgRelatedEducation Ministry Begins Clean Schools Campaign on Wednesday Photo: JIS PhotographerMinister of Education, Hon. Rev Ronald Thwaites, addresses the House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 14. The Ministry of Education will be implementing interim measures to regulate the tertiary education sector. Story HighlightsThe Ministry of Education will be implementing interim measures for the regulation of the tertiary education sector, pending the introduction of a new regulatory regime under the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC) Act.This was disclosed by Portfolio Minister, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, during the sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 14.Under the interim provisions, J-TEC will have responsibility for oversight and regulation of all new and existing private tertiary level institutions. Advertisements Minister Thwaites Announces Interim Measures to Regulate Tertiary Education EducationOctober 16, 2014Written by: Latonya Linton FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail center_img RelatedEducation Ministry Looking to Partner with Alumni Groups Minister Thwaites Announces Interim Measures to Regulate Tertiary EducationJIS News | Presented by: PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQualityundefinedSpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreenPlay The Ministry of Education will be implementing interim measures for the regulation of the tertiary education sector, pending the introduction of a new regulatory regime under the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (J-TEC) Act.This was disclosed by Portfolio Minister, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, during the sitting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 14.He noted that this decision is in keeping with the General Powers conferred on the Minister under Part II Section 3 (b) of the Education Act.Under the interim provisions, J-TEC will have responsibility for oversight and regulation, and all new and existing private tertiary level institutions will be required to register with the entity. A national registry of institutions offering tertiary education is being established.“The establishment of the register and the registration of tertiary institutions by J-TEC, operating under the auspices of the Ministry, should result in an improved quality of tertiary level programmes being offered in Jamaica,” Rev. Thwaites said.The Education Minister also informed that J-TEC is implementing other measures necessary for the seamless introduction of the new regulatory regime including the development of the National Qualifications Framework for Jamaica; standards for institutional registration of tertiary-level institutions; and a robust information management system.“These interim measures will remain in place until the enactment of the J-TEC Act, giving the entity the authority to ensure the mandatory registration of all tertiary level institutions, among its other functions,” Rev. Thwaites informed.The implementation of these regulatory measures will ensure that there is a gate-keeper for entry into the tertiary sector in Jamaica, and also improve co-ordination of the sector.Other benefits include: the availability of accurate information on tertiary institutions operating in Jamaica to enable planning, development and improved co-ordination of the sector; a standards-driven internal quality assurance mechanism for all tertiary level institutions operating in Jamaica, thus ensuring internationally competitive quality of all programme offerings by institutions; and enhanced protection of consumers of tertiary educational service, including parents and students. RelatedGovernment Procures $34 Million in Equipment and Supplies for Special Needs Schoolslast_img read more

Villa & QPR away games – SOLD OUT

first_imgThe club’s full allocation of 1,797 tickets for Saturday’s trip to QPR has now been snapped up. The same applies for all 2,100 tickets for the New Year’s Day trip to Aston Villa (kick-off 5.30pm).The club will receive no further allocation of tickets for either fixture.last_img

“Manchester City” and “Lyon” duel will end the Champions League semi-final…

first_imgManchester City, England’s most titled team in recent years – four golds and three runners-up in the last nine seasons – has not yet reached the coveted Champions League title. Pepa Guardiola’s team was closest in 2016, when in the semi-final with 0: 1 in the sum of two games he lost to the next champion of Real Madrid. It faced it this season as well, with the teams meeting in the eighth final. “City” was superior in both fights with 2: 1. In the group tournament, the team won four victories and made a draw twice.If “City” can be called natural in the semi-finals, then “Lyon” entry into the top eight teams is a surprise. Before the eighth final matches against Turin “Juventus”, only a few allowed to predict the victory of “Lyon”, but the 1: 0 victory in their field was very valuable. Although the guests were lost by 1: 2, the away goal allowed them to move on. The loss was fatal for Juventus head coach Maurīcio Sarri – he was fired the next day.In the second match, the pendulum was realized by Memphis Depay, whose first duel against “Juventus” took place. The striker broke his knee cross ties in December and it was planned that the season was over for him, but a break in Covid-19 gave Depay a chance to return and help the team. Lyon is also a semi-final experience of the Champions League, but it was gained ten years ago, when Munich “Bayern” lost 0: 4. The winner of this quarterfinals will fight directly against Bayern next Wednesday.Manchester City will have to do without injured striker Serhio Agvero. On June 22, the Argentine knee suffered in the first half with a 5: 0 win against Burnley, and Agvero has stopped playing as the season continues. In Lyon, several footballers are under question. Including the promising midfielder Husem Avars, who suffered in team training yesterday but was able to get up and leave the pitch.“I think the victory over Juventus will give us extra confidence. Appetite grows when we eat. It is clear that City is the pair’s favorite, but the quarterfinals so far have shown that favorites do not always win,” said Rudi Garcia, Lyon’s head coach. Gvardiola, meanwhile, gave words of praise to his opponents: “Incredibly well-organized team, without free zones, aggressive and fast attackers, high-quality outfielders, masterful standard setters. It is top team. “Champions League 1/4 finalsDateThe gameThe resultAugust 12Atalanta (Italy) – PSG (France)1:2 (1:0)August 13RB Leipzig (Germany) – Atletico (Spain)2:1 (0:0)August 14Barcelona (Spain) – Bayern (Germany)2:8 (1:4)August 15Man City (England) – Lyon (France)Champions League 1/2 final calendarDateThe gameAugust 18RB Leipzig – PSGAugust 19City/Lyon – Bayernlast_img read more

Roping in budding designers

first_imgBy BEN CAMERON THE Cockatoo Township Group has called on Cardinia Shire Council to use local horticulture students for certain…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Smart Homes Get Smarter as Utilities Join In

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#home#Internet of Things#web Related Posts john paul titlow The move toward smart homes that are intensively networked and microprocessor-controlled got a small but important push in the U.K. last week. British Gas, one of the country’s biggest gas suppliers, announced a partnership with AlertMe, a startup that specializes in remote home monitoring and energy management. AlertMe and its competitors offer customers a way to manage their home’s energy consumption on the Web or from smartphone and tablet apps. The need to more effectively manage energy consumption is growing, and networked technology is uniquely equipped to help. AlertMe is partnering exclusively with British Gas for its Remote Heating Control service, which will be available to all of the utility company’s 10 million customers. The new arrangement demonstrates that the smart home concept is spreading beyond forward-thinking startups and catching on with utility companies. For consumers, the most compelling advantage of this type of technology is the cost savings. Under the old system, homes were cooled and warmed inefficiently and at improper times, leading to wasted energy and money. Automated systems like those offered by AlertMe, Control4 and smart thermostat manufacturers like Nest allow residents to schedule their temperature-control regimen in advance or do so automatically based on their past habits. This has an immediate impact on home energy bills. If adopted on a large scale, it could have a broader environmental impact. Utility companies and tech startups aren’t the only ones diving head-first into this space. Tech giants are getting in on the action as well. Google aims to weave Internet connectivity into a variety of household appliances with its [email protected] initiative. Meanwhile, Comcast’s XFinity Home initiative is a partnership with Verizon to offer home automation services.  AlertMe’s solution is geared toward U.K. customers for now, but the company says it plans to launch a similar offering in the United States soon. center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

9 Web Development Trends to Skip in 2019

first_imgStephen Moyers The World Wide Web is no longer filled with simple, static web pages. Advances in technology and website development allow users to create interactive, meaningful, and dynamic websites. While there are hundreds of step-by-step references to help you creatively develop your website, fewer resources are telling you what not to do. You may be implementing best practices, but knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.Believe it or not, one crucial aspect of web development, especially in 2019, is not jumping onto every trend you see. While it’s essential to stay competitive in terms of your website’s functionality, eCommerce tools, and SEO practices, having some insight into what trends matter and what trends need to be left behind is crucial.The first step is keeping your website active. If your business’s website is static, you’re losing traffic and increasing your bounce rate. Here are a few other things to keep in mind.Be Wary of the JavaScript Framework BandwagonsVue, Angular, and React are a few of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available today, but many novice web developers are making the mistake of diving into these systems without first cultivating stronger roots in basic JavaScript. A good rule of thumb for any web developer is to know JavaScript like the back of your hand. Learning popular JavaScript frameworks can undoubtedly enhance the marketability of your skillset, but only with a firm understanding of the nuts and bolts of JavaScript.Stop Using BootstrapBootstrap may enable the quick and painless building of simple UI structures, but it offers little beyond basic functionality in a cookie-cutter package. Many fresh web developers rely on Bootstrap as an easy tool to style a web-based application, but most employers of web development teams take this overreliance on Bootstrap as a failure to understand site performance and the basics of CSS. CSS Flexbox and Grid are fantastic tools for learning responsive layouts and the basics of CSS.Stop Designing for Desktop OnlyToo many web developers get tunnel vision when it comes to designing for users. Most web traffic happens on mobile devices, and web developers are finding the greatest success with responsive design. In the early days of web development for mobile platforms, many companies ran two iterations of their websites: one for desktop and laptop browsing with a full-size monitor and another for mobile devices. Now that smartphones have evolved into handheld computers and multimedia devices, it is much easier to develop website and web content tailored to smartphone users.Responsive design allows you to develop websites that fluctuate in appearance based on the device a user prefers. Don’t bother designing an entirely new mobile site, and don’t fall into the trap of assuming all of your web traffic is going to be from mobile platforms in the future.Avoid Authentication without Authorization“Authentication” and “authorization” means two different things in web development; authentication refers to confirming a user’s identity while authorization refers to what access the identified user has. For example, a website may host login credentials for ten users, but four of those users have administrator access to the site. Authentication verifies each user’s login credentials, and the authorization settings for each user determines the users’ levels of access to the website and administrator tools.Never treat authentication and authorization as interchangeable; they may be two sides of the same coin in terms of website access, but they mean very different things. Ensuring solid processes and coding for both is the best kind of protection against brute force attacks and other malicious threats to your website.Don’t Box Yourself Into an MVP Scaling ProblemOne common trend today is for companies to enter the market with a minimum viable product, or MVP. Getting to market with only an MVP helps companies stay competitive by reaching the market as soon as physically possible, but many web developers fall into the trap of coding for the current MVP trend and not planning for the future. For example, let’s imagine you start developing your website and host user content directly on your server. Eventually, the site will grow, and your network will need to expand to new servers, opening the door to synchronization issues and 404 errors. Avoid this by implementing a remote storage solution at the outset; it only takes a few more hours of work and can save a tremendous amount of future hassle.Don’t Get Complacent with Google SEOGoogle commands the lion’s share of all internet searches, and too many web developers forget to stay updated with the latest algorithm changes. Even small adjustments to the Google search algorithm can have a dramatic impact on a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) settings. The best modern web developers work closely with SEO teams, always research SEO best practices, and publish strong content to boost search engine rankings.Don’t take a “set it and forget it” approach to SEO during development; involve your SEO and marketing teams during the initial phases of web development so you can more easily address algorithm changes in the future.Don’t Develop Tunnel Vision with Your Applications or Build from ScratchInstead of boxing yourself into a web development “style” or a specific niche, invest in applications that are useable, flexible, and versatile – and that keep users in mind. Many web developers fall into the trap of failing to design for the user’s perspective. If your site looks good but is confusing to navigate, expect your bounce rate to grow.Don’t Jump on the “Latest and Greatest” Software ApplicationsWeb development is a booming industry, and vendors and service providers are continually offering new products that promise to take the stress and hassle out of web development. Before trying out the latest operating system, visual studio application, or JavaScript framework, take time to hone your core skills and wait for others to discover all the bugs and compatibility issues new software applications always tend to have.Start with a reliable technology stack of applications you know and programs with ongoing support from their developers. If new software gains traction over a few months or years and develops a solid reputation as a reliable addition to a web developer’s toolkit, then you can safely take time to investigate it.Don’t Value Presentation Over PerformanceA beautiful website may be ideal, but visitors to your site won’t linger for long if the nuts and bolts of the site are confusing. Similarly, don’t make your users wait; modern internet users are growing increasingly intolerant of slow-loading webpages. Always develop with optimal performance as your top priority, then go back and fuss over the aesthetics.Get Help When You Need ItIf you’ve reached the limit of your expertise, don’t make the mistake of trying to wing it. Your website is often the first way users find you, so it’s unwise to gamble on its functionality. Talk with an expert.Every year, new trends and fads overtake the web development industry, misleading many novice developers into wasting time, resources, and energy on untested applications, unsteady frameworks, and ineffective design trends. Avoid these behaviors and cultivate a strong core skill set as a web developer. The latest web development trends may hold some promise, but it is always best to hone core skills before experimenting with emerging design and development trends. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts Stephen Moyers is an out of the heart writer voicing out his take on various topics of social media, web design, mobile apps, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, startups and much more in the cutting edge digital world. When he is not writing, he can be found traveling outdoors with his camera. You can follow Stephen on Twitter @StephenMoyers. Tags:#Trends#web#Web Development Communication Works Wonders (with Itai Sadan) A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

CEOs in Troubled Waters (with Myriam Joire from the Mobile Tech Podcast)

first_imgOn this week’s episode of the How To CEO podcast, I spoke again with Myriam Joire (TNKGRL) of the Mobile Tech Podcast. You won’t want to miss her fiery take on CEOs and corporate social responsibility. We started the episode with a discussion about the WeWork debacle.The Problem with WeWork No discussion about “CEOS in troubled waters” would be complete without talking about WeWork. Myriam told me she doesn’t consider WeWork to be a tech company. It was valuated as a tech company, but it’s actually a real estate company. Similarly, Airbnb isn’t really a tech company. Uber and Lyft aren’t tech companies either. (More accurately, they’re logistics companies, in Myriam’s view.)Although these companies certainly use technology, all companies use technology today. And for many years, WeWork’s false “tech” status made it look bigger and better than it was.“Ultimately,” Myriam told me, “it’s a scam. It’s unfortunate because it gives us a bad rep in tech right now when this is really not a tech company.”Myriam’s primary takeaway regarding the WeWork problem is that we in Silicon Valley shouldn’t invest in companies that aren’t tech companies. When non-tech companies go sour, it’s detrimental to everyone in Silicon Valley.Before the WeWork problem happened, the crowdfunding problem occurred. As Myriam pointed out, crowdfunding is essential. Not everyone can raise VC money. But today, no one takes crowdfunding seriously.“When crowdfunding was a big thing, a few bad eggs made it fall apart,” Myriam said. “They scammed people and abused the system, and people are unable to crowdfund anymore.”Myriam Points to Greed in Silicon ValleyMyriam pointed out a more significant problem we have in Silicon Valley. “It’s something we see with Facebook and Twitter around privacy and free speech. We are driven by greed too much, and I think that needs to change,” she said. “I think the culture in Silicon Valley has gotten poisoned over the last 20 years.”Myriam recalls that companies in the valley (rightfully) started out intending to be profitable, which is a good thing. But she told me that technology has a significant impact on people, and as CEOs in tech, we have to be mindful of how we affect people’s lives – negatively or positively.We have to remember that, on the one hand, we’re certainly here to make money and be profitable. But at the same time, we also need to be mindful and careful about society and how we affect it.Disruption is Good, But We Need Checks and Balances“Disruption is good,” Myriam said. “Larger companies tend to rest on their laurels…, and new, smaller, more agile players that come in and push the buttons and change things are good…But once you start realizing that the buttons you’re pushing are affecting people in a bad way, you need to stop and think about how you’re going to change things to alleviate that problem. And that’s not what we’re doing. We don’t have those checks and balances in place…”Early Dot Com Days Vs. TodayTo illustrate her point, Myriam contrasted what things were like in the early dot com days verses right now. When she came to Silicon Valley in those days, the valley was mostly run by engineers (which isn’t necessarily a good thing because the business side of it wasn’t always sound. This was made loud and clear when the bubble burst.)“But at the same time,” Myriam told me, “a lot of the positive thought on how we could change the world for the better came from the idealism of engineering. And it was celebrated, and I saw my artistic communities I was involved in thrive because of the money that was made in tech.People were donating money to curating artists and helping them out, and curating the community and helping out the community with the profits they were making.We don’t see that as much. Everyone’s just hoarding their money now.”Could We Not Buy from the Companies That Hoard Money?Myriam pointed out that it seems strange, for example, that with Apple’s market cap, they’re not doing more philanthropic work.In our discussion, I suggested to Myriam that perhaps that the right way to respond to companies who aren’t doing enough for their communities is to not buy from them. She responded that it’s hard to simply “not buy” from companies who aren’t being socially responsible.For example, while Myriam loves Google and what they do, it would be extremely hard for a company or individual to wean away from companies like Google, Facebook, ISPs, etc.Myriam views these companies as utilities at this point because we almost depend on them as much as we depend on electricity, water, phone bills, and other traditional utilities. We can’t run businesses properly without such companies.What Startups Should Be Doing NowWhen these companies get this big, argues Myriam, and they start affecting the lives of millions of people, they have a responsibility to help society.Companies should start thinking early on about their role in the world. If companies in the early stages of their creation can start thinking about the good they can accomplish – before huge money and investors are involved – they’ll be able to make long-term differences for humanity. Good should be woven into the company culture right from the beginning.Myriam had much more to say on this heated topic, so be sure to hear the entire episode. Is Voice Search the Next Big Travel Technology … Murray Newlands is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is the founder of the How to CEO podcast and you can read his blog at Related Posts A Review of Instagram Marketing by Matthew Lucascenter_img Murray Newlands 4 Ways You Can Make Your Workplace an Engine of… Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacylast_img read more

Line-ups: Napoli-Atalanta

first_imgNapoli rely on Hirving Lozano, Arkadiusz Milik and Lorenzo Insigne in the face-off for third place with Atalanta, who have Josip Ilicic as a False 9. It kicks off at the Stadio San Paolo at 18.00 GMT. You can follow all the build-up and action as it happens from this evening’s SEVEN Serie A games on the LIVEBLOG. This is a head-to-head for position, as a victory would put Napoli level on 20 points with Atalanta in third place. Gian Piero Gasperini’s men are proving to be no mere flash in the pan, as after securing third last season and their first ever Champions League qualification, they are doing even better in Serie A this time around. They went into the midweek round just three points off leaders Juventus and have shattered records with 28 goals in the opening nine games, thanks also to last week’s 7-1 thrashing of Udinese. Napoli, meanwhile, have impressed in Europe, but already lost two Serie A games and missed an opportunity to close on the leaders when held by SPAL on Sunday. Kevin Malcuit suffered a season-ending knee injury, while Kostas Manolas, Elseid Hysaj and Faouzi Ghoulam are also still out, leaving a shortage of defenders. Nikola Maksimovic returns just in time, with Mario Rui not fully fit after his injury, so Sebastiano Luperto is moved over to left-back. Insigne and Jose Callejon take the traditional wide roles, with misfiring Hirving Lozano given another chance over Dries Mertens, the Mexican partnering Arkadiusz Milik up top. Atalanta are still without Duvan Zapata but, just as with Manchester City, Luis Muriel is not used from the start, preserved to make an impact off the bench. Instead, Ilicic becomes the False 9, supported by Papu Gomez and Mario Pasalic, while Jose Luis Palomino and Andrea Masiello return in defence. Only Manchester City (12) have won more away fixtures in the top five European leagues than Atalanta (10) in 2019. Napoli: Meret; Di Lorenzo, Maksimovic, Koulibaly, Luperto; Callejon, Allan, Fabian, Insigne; Milik, Lozano Atalanta: Gollini; Toloi, Palomino, Djimsiti; Hateboer, De Roon, Freuler, Gosens; Pasalic, Gomez; Ilicic Ref: Giacomelli Watch Serie A live in the UK on Premier Sports for just £11.99 per month including live LaLiga, Eredivisie, Scottish Cup Football and more. Visit: read more

Inspired by Ronda Rousey, China’s Zhang aims at MMA history

first_imgPH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss ‘City-killer’: Asteroid the size of the Great Pyramid may hit Earth in 2022, says NASA Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. (FILES) This file photo taken on August 7, 2019 shows Chinese mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Zhang Weili (L) training at a gym in Beijing. – Zhang steps out on August 31, 2019 as the first Chinese fighter to compete for a UFC title and with one person to thank for her remarkable rise in the sport: Ronda Rousey. (Photo by GREG BAKER / AFP)Zhang Weili steps out on Saturday as the first Chinese fighter to compete for a UFC title and with one person to thank for her remarkable rise in the sport: Ronda Rousey.“I just want to be like her,” explained the 30-year-old Zhang. “She showed us all what is possible in this sport. She has the strength and power that we all wish we had.”ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Zhang is aware of the task ahead but said she hopes that –- like Rousey before her -– she hopes she can show “what’s possible”.“I feel like I have been working towards this moment for years now,” said Zhang. “If watching me and what I do can motivate girls, and give them the power to chase their dreams, then this would be my major achievement, that would be super-positive.”Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Women’s football teams served just egg, kikiam and rice for breakfast ‘Greek Freak’: Five to watch at Basketball World Cup For her part, Rousey has taken to Instagram over the past week to declare she felt like a “proud mama” watching how Zhang –- and women’s MMA — had grown.“Women from all walks of life, from all over the world are rising to the challenge and showing the world what it means to fight like a girl. Weili Zhang is a prime example of overcoming adversity —- fighting not just through the ranks, but to also get noticed and stand out,” posted Rousey.Zhang said it had been an honor to see those words written by her “idol and role model”.Women headlinersThe Zhang-Andrade bout is the third time this year that female fighters have topped the card at an event staged by the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization, with one more on the horizon before the end of 2019.ADVERTISEMENT Kim Chiu rushed to ER after getting bitten by dog in BGC UK thanks PH for rescuing Brit, Filipino wife abducted in Sulu Renovation of old sports venues not just for SEA Games use LATEST STORIES Parity between the sexes in sport has been a simmering issue for decades that was brought to the boil during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup, and a very public campaign led by American captain Megan Rapinoe as she led her nation to victory. The American team is still locked in an equal-pay lawsuit with the governing USA Soccer body.While pay rates in MMA are not revealed, the likes of “Fight of the Night” bonuses are equal across the board and the sport has been quick to place female fighters front and center in promotional terms at least.And credit for that can be traced back to Rousey.The former Olympian proved a marketing dream for the UFC, quickly appearing on talk shows around the world and moving into movies, with cameo appearances in the likes of the billion-dollar Fast and Furious franchise.Rousey –- now retired from MMA and plying her trade in professional wrestling –- is worth an estimated US$12 million, according to the annual Forbes sports rich list.“She showed that, ‘Hey, I can make as much as the boys’,” said Kevin Chang, the UFC’s senior vice-president, Asia Pacific. “We’re one of the few sports where there is parity, where women headline cards. It’s hugely important to us that this happens and it’s what MMA fans want.“MMA treats each athlete as an individual. You come and you perform, then you get paid to level of your performance.”Chase their dreams’Zhang has had a rapid rise to the ranking of number six in the UFC’s strawweight division thanks to a 3-0 run with the organization, after being signed at the end of 2017 from the Chinese domestic leagues.Crunch time comes Saturday. Andrade has six years’ experience in the UFC and comes off a stunning first-round title victory over the then-champ, American Rose “Thug” Namajunas, last time she fought in May. What a relief! Paris show lifts taboo on historic outdoor loos Zhang will on Saturday face the Brazilian strawweight titleholder Jessica Andrade as part of the UFC’s Fight Night 157 event at the Universiade Sports Centre in the southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen.Zhang trained in martial arts as a child but wasn’t really sure where her life was headed -– until the moment she saw Rousey become the UFC’s first women’s world champion by defeating fellow American Liz Carmouche at bantamweight in 2013.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsSPORTSPH women’s football team not spared from SEA Games hotel woesSPORTSThailand claims not enough Thai food, drinks for players at hotel“Right then was when I decided I wanted to be an MMA fighter,” Zhang explained.Zhang had resisted her parents’ suggestion that she become a hairdresser and had been dabbling in MMA while jumping between part-time jobs in the hospitality industry before she saw that Rousey fight. Since then her whole life has been MMA. ‘Ghost guns’ are untraceable, easy to make, more prevalent Singapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics View commentslast_img read more