Meet the new souvenirs of Mali Lošinj

first_imgWith the aim of promoting, encouraging the initiative for quality design of indigenous souvenirs and products, affirmation and approach to citizens and guests, the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj for the tenth year in a row selects original souvenirs of Mali Lošinj.A total of 2016 authors applied for the public call for the selection of the Original Lošinj Souvenir for 5 with a proposal of eleven different unique products. Based on the criteria: quality of workmanship and achieved recognizability, originality, economic accessibility and practicality and possible applicability in everyday use, the expert commission selected eleven souvenirs that will be certified with the label of the Original Lošinj Souvenir.The certificate itself is proof that the souvenir, in addition to artistic and design originality and quality workmanship from natural materials, also expresses the recognizability of its origin associated with the Cres-Lošinj archipelago. It is important that each souvenir tells the guest a story related to tradition, history and customs, so the authors are obliged to tell that story through inspiration, motivation and description of the materials from which the products are made, as well as the method of production. The objects are unique, original, inspired by the landscape of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, and each object has its own design.Eleven products from Lošinj manufacturers will carry the certificate of Original Lošinj Souvenirs in 2016, and the selected authors are: Sonja Gulam, Čazim Mehmeti, Ana Slaviček Brečić, Sandra Nicolich and Petricia Podda.The Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj will promote certified souvenirs through its own Web pages in seven languages ​​(Croatian, Italian, German, English, Slovenian, French and Russian).Sonja Gulam – fish-shaped soap holder As one of the oldest and most important plant crops, the olive tree has strongly marked the life of the islanders. Hard and solid wood of the olive tree were used to make handles for tools, furniture and other household items, and Sonja Gulam also made a holder for a fish-shaped soap dish coated with olive oil, since in Christianity the olive is a symbol of God’s providence and care for God’s children, and the fish a symbol of Christ and baptism.Čazim Mehmeti – replicas of ancient oil lamps in Osor Ceramic oil lamps were created in the time of antiquity in Osor, when many master pottery workshops made oil lamps from excavated clay from the islands of Cres and Lošinj, which were used for lighting. The motifs of Čazimir Mehmeti are associated with a certain master pottery workshop of ancient times, whose originals can be seen in the Lošinj Museum – Archaeological Collection Osor.Ana Slaviček Brečić – 7 textile products with different motifs (Apoxyomenos, Susak) – T-shirts, pendants Numerous charms of the island of Lošinj inspired Ana Slaviček Brečić to make hand-painted and 100% cotton textile products. The island of Lošinj means a lot to me and inspires me at every step and I am very glad when someone recognizes my work as part of Lošinj. This time, I found inspiration in Apoxyomenos, that is, in his “design of visual identity.” The simplicity of that design inspired me to come up with a few t-shirt designs that I painted by hand. Workshops as part of the project “Let the light not burn”, which took place for two days on the island of Susak, also inspired me to present the luxury of their folk costumes in a modern way. Also, the flora and fauna of the island of Lošinj is an inexhaustible inspiration in my eyes. I try to make and design every souvenir so that it is usable and wearable on every occasion and that it suits everyone, regardless of age. My main goal is for people to accept it as a desirable memory of the wonderful days spent on Lošinj. For that reason, the certificate of the Original Lošinj Souvenir means a lot to me and it is a step closer so that as many people as possible get to know my work, said the author Ana Slaviček Brečić.Sandra Nicolich – Lošinj fragrant candy The candy (hard candy without filling) is made with the addition of the natural aroma of the characteristic Lošinj pine. It is adapted to the modern technological process and certificates of confectionery products. Aromatic candy is intended for all guests of the island as a sweet reminder of Lošinj and Lošinj’s fragrances.Petrica Podda – sheep made of real wool Sheep used to be a major part of life on the island. Handmade from natural materials on Lošinj, designed for all generations, the author uses selected pieces of island sheep wool to make souvenirs.last_img read more

Custom MMIC Receives Outstanding Performance Award from Lockheed Martin

first_imgLockheed Martin awarded Custom MMIC an outstanding performance award for their exemplary work in helping Lockheed deliver crucial missions to their customers. Lockheed Martin recognized 27 small business suppliers that made exemplary contributions to its Missiles and Fire Control business area’s products and services in 2018. For more than 20 years, Lockheed Martin has celebrated small business suppliers’ successful efforts in providing quality goods and services and outstanding support.Paul Blount, President and CEO of Custom MMIC, and Charlie Trantanella, Chief Scientist, attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the Custom MMIC team. Custom MMIC offers both hands-on design through testing services, and a growing library of system-ready designs. They are experienced in GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP, and InGaP HBT and have established relationships with the leading foundries in these technologies. They specialize in RF through millimeter-wave circuits for satellite communications, radar systems, cellular infrastructure, consumer electronics, VSAT, and point-to-point radio systems.last_img read more