Throw like a girl? You can do better.

first_imgThe Washington Post:There’s no way around it. I throw like a girl.Luckily, it’s not difficult to avoid situations in which throwing is required, and I’ve managed to do it successfully my entire adult life. Except that one time.A decade or so ago, in New York, a ball came flying over an 18-foot schoolyard fence just as I was passing by. There was no one I could hand it off to, and a gaggle of fifth-graders was waiting for me to toss it back. I had so little faith in my overarm throwing that I had to go underhand. The squeal of brakes was my first indication that the ball had ended up behind me, in the middle of Columbus Avenue. The best I can say about this incident is that nobody got hurt.I know I’m not the only woman with that kind of story. As much as the expression grates, girls do, in general, throw like girls.Read the whole story: The Washington Post More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Losman’s Reebok vector

first_imgfrom the Bears gameFrom the pastHow much added performance is JP getting by having his sleeve shorter to the point where it can’t accomodate the vector on the white portion like it did here? Share on other sites Go To Topic Listing VandyDelphia Mike Sports Logo News SportsLogos.Net Multiple decades of nerding out to sports logos! Location:Michigan Location:Boston, MA 805 Hat Boy who is J.P. Losman?Bahahaha.This just further reaffirms to me that the Bills unis suck, and they should NOT be wearing black shoes. 0 888 Link to post Members 888 172 Link to post Share this post 0 Less, but better. Favourite Logos:70s/80s Phillies, Swingin’ Friar, Tulane angry wave, 76ers Ben Franklin dribbling, 80s Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Tigers D, UNC Tarred Heel, Gritty Link to post All Activity By VandyDelphia Mike, October 10, 2006 in Sports Logo News Sports Logo News 22 888 Forums Home Hat Boy Location:Havertown, PA 172 speedy Location:Boston, MA Location:Chicago, IL Share on other sites Members Share this post whitedawg22 2,203 posts Sign in to follow this   speedy Chazberg Followers 0 422 Members This topic is now closed to further replies. center_img Share on other sites Members Recommended Posts Posted October 10, 2006 whitedawg22 0 Link to post who is J.P. Losman? 2,396 posts 805 172 All Activity Sports Logos Share this post 805 Losman’s Reebok vector 422 Share this post Posted October 10, 2006 22 VandyDelphia Mike SportsLogos.Net Sports Logos 2,008 posts Posted October 10, 2006 Share on other sites How much added performance is JP getting by having his sleeve shorter to the point where it can’t accomodate the vector on the white portion like it did here?If short sleeves are helping his performance, I’d hate to think how bad he’d be with the long sleeves of the Jack Kemp era. Losman’s Reebok vector Sign in to follow this   Posted October 10, 2006 Posted October 10, 2006 Personally, I think it looked much better when the sleeves were long enough to put the navy vector in the white portion. Now it just looks like a bird pooped on his shoulder. 0 4,341 posts 22 Forums Home Followers 0 Share this post Share on other sites 0 Members 2,347 posts Losman’s Reebok vector Chazberg 422 Link to postlast_img read more