Pharma CEO And Wu-Tang Album Owner Martin Shkreli Has Been Arrested On Fraud Charges

first_imgMartin Shkreli, the Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO that recently made headlines for spending $2 million for Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, has been arrested on charges of securities fraud.Shkreli first made the rounds earlier this year, when he raised the price of an AIDS medication from $13.50 to $750. Incidentally, neither the Wu-Tang album or the price gouging were the cause of his downfall.It seems that Shkreli also started the firm Retrophin, Inc., a biotechnology research company. By taking stock from Retrophin and using it to pay unrelated business debts, Shkreli had broken the law. The company’s board ousted him and filed a lawsuit against him, and has since cooperated with federal investigations. Even Donald Trump called him a “spoiled brat,” and Bernie Sanders rerouted a $2,700 donation to an HIV clinic in lieu of accepting it for his campaign. The guys from Wu-Tang Clan took his money and donated it to charity as well.Seems like Shkreli won’t be getting that private Radiohead album anytime soon.[Via Bloomberg]last_img read more

See half a world and you can’t reason about the past

first_imgNew Scientist:DRAW a line across a page, then write on it what you had for dinner yesterday and what you plan to eat tomorrow. If you are a native English speaker, or hail from pretty much any European country, you no doubt wrote last night’s meal to the left of tomorrow night’s. That’s because we construct mental timelines to represent and reason about time, and most people in the West think of the past as on the left, and the future as on the right.Arnaud Saj at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and his colleagues wondered whether the ability to conjure up a mental timeline is a necessary part of reasoning about events in time.To investigate, they recruited seven Europeans with what’s called left hemispatial neglect. That means they have damage to parts of the right side of their brain, limiting their ability to detect, identify and interact with objects in the left-hand side of space. They may eat from only the right side of a plate, shave just the right side of their face, and ignore numbers on the left side of a clock.…People with hemispatial neglect could remember just as many items as the other two groups of volunteers. However, of these items, significantly fewer were from David’s past than his future. They were also more likely to make mistakes about items when they were from the past. In other words, people with hemispatial neglect have trouble imagining the left side of their timeline, and consequently assign past events to the future (Psychological Science, these results suggest that concepts of time and space share neural underpinnings in the brain, and that the ability to represent space in the mind’s eye is vital to our ability to remember and reason about events that occur along that timeline.It would be interesting to see whether people with neglect of the right space have trouble with events that are supposed to happen in the future, says Saj, but these kinds of symptoms are rare since the brain areas that represent space are predominantly in the right hemisphere.“This adds nicely to the growing body of research on spatial representations of time,” says Rafael Nunez, who studies embodiment of time at the University of California in San Diego.Read the whole story: New Scientistlast_img read more

Preview: Glasgow Rocks v Bristol Flyers

first_imgAll the key information on Sunday’s BBL opponents can be found below.GLASGOW ROCKSAfter coming up short in in the BBL Trophy final of 2014 and the BBL Cup final of 2015, the Glasgow Rocks are still looking for the last piece of the jigsaw. While there are a handful of returnees in the shape of towering Great Britain star Kieron Achara and his often underrated compatriot, Jonny Bunyan, Rocks have lots of fresh faces for 2015-16. Scotland’s only professional basketball club are also one the longest serving of the clubs in the BBL.HEAD COACHSterling Davis – After retiring from his playing career in the summer, Davis now focuses on coaching duties and moulding together a new-look side. Sterling had spells with a number of BBL clubs during his playing career, including Sheffield Sharks (2004–2006), London Towers (2003) and Brighton Bears (2001–2003). He scored a career-high 42 points on March 1st 2011 in a game against the Guildford Heat.ONE TO WATCHKieran Achara – The 6ft 10in forward made his debut for the Rocks in 2010 during an 80-76 win over the Sheffield Sharks. The GB international was part of the British national team, which took park in the London 2012 olympics, and Achara played a major role in the only victory of the tournament for the team against China.LAST TIME OUT Bristol Flyers failed to notch their second home win of the season, falling to the Glasgow Rocks 58-67 at the SGS WISE Arena – Click here to watch the highlights.OFFICIALSTaking charge of Sunday’s game will be Chris Dodds, Barry Fenwick and Neil Guthrie. DID YOU KNOWSince their inception, Glasgow Rocks have never played outside the UK’s premier basketball league.last_img read more