Grace Slick Recalls Life With The Grateful Dead In The 60’s

first_imgJefferson Airplane icon Grace Slick got her start around the same time as the Grateful Dead. In a new interview with TIME, Slick talks all about her interaction with the band during their early era.She begins, saying “I came in a bit after the Warlocks… So when I met them they were already the Grateful Dead. At the time, you don’t think, Oh this is gonna be noteworthy, I better remember this, it’ll be important in 50 years . . . You just are kind of hanging out. I was with a group called the Great! Society when I met the Grateful Dead. I was not in Airplane yet. But all the bands, like the Charlatans, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis, all those people—we all played the same venues. So we saw each other on a fairly regular basis in the early days.”She continues to talk about the rock and roll lifestyle of the late 60s, dropping some great quotes like:“We all knew each other and we would party together. The Dead had a ranch up in Northern California and they would throw parties there. And there would be writers and musicians and, you know, local freaks like us.”“But at the time we were all just kind of hanging out and doing what we did, making music, taking drugs, screwing each other, having a good time, because there is nothing quite as wonderful as being in your twenties in the ’60s. There was no AIDS. Anything you got, a sexually transmitted disease, could be cured. I know because I got them. I went in the hospital for four days once, a bunch of IVs and stuff and then you get out and you’re okay.”“There’d be writers and people [at the Dead ranch], and there’d be like a barbecue going on and people taking acid and wandering around. There was a swimming pool! You could go nude or you could wear a bathing suit if you wanted to, and it didn’t matter. There were children running around. So it was this kinda pleasant free-for-all for what we called ourselves: ‘freaks.’ You know, because we were freaks compared to the straight nation.”“It was just you show up, you play your music, and then you either go home or you go to another club—a club that’s open. It was just very easy. Rock ’n’ roll is not a difficult medium. It was marvelous. All the people who say, ‘Well Janis was miserable and Garcia was miserable and Jim Morrison’—no, they weren’t.”You can read the full online version of interview here, though the next issue of LIFE Magazine will feature a long-form version of Slick’s recollections.last_img read more

Serbian Railways restructured

first_imgSERBIA: The government formally converted Serbian Railways into a joint stock company 100% owned by the state on May 26. ZS is now a holding company for four subsidiaries which are responsible for infrastructure, property, passenger operations & rolling stock maintenance and freight operations & rolling stock maintenance.Interaction between the subsidiaries and with the government are now based on contracts setting out responsibilities and liabilities, while the state is committed to funding infrastructure maintenance and enhancement and will provide subsidies for specified passenger services. ZS Director General Milovan Markovic said the restructuring ‘according to all European standards’ will not lead to job losses or a decline in working conditions, but should bring ‘many positive effects’ including improved efficiency and service quality and closer alignment with the market. The changes follow a review of the state railway which was launched by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Energy in 2009.last_img read more

Creator Jon Favreau, star Pedro Pascal unveil new episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ at “really awesome” fan event

first_imgJesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney(LOS ANGELES) — In Los Angeles Tuesday night, Disney+ held a red carpet event for The Mandalorian, the brand-new streaming service’s Star Wars spin-off, created by Iron Man director Jon Favreau and co-produced by he and Star Wars: The Clone Wars Emmy-winner Dave Filoni.The first three episodes of the already-acclaimed show were screened at the event, which also attracted the show’s lead, Pedro Pascal, as well as co-stars Carl Weathers, Gina Carano, and Werner Herzog.Also on hand were lots and lots of Star Wars fans. “I got to see, before anything, all of the fans,” Pascal said on the red carpet. “And it just makes me understand the beauty of creating something like this for people like them.”He adds of the eight-episode show, “I think its heart is with the people that love Star Wars and love these stories. And so to manifest that so completely for people that love it is really beautiful…very inspiring.”Favreau, thanks to his roles both behind and in front of the camera — he plays Happy Hogan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — is no stranger to glitzy premieres. But this one was different, he noted. “The premiere is usually before the movie comes out. Now people have seen the first episode….[W]e already know what people’s reaction is. So this feels more like a party.”He added, “You know, it’s fun on social media to see the reaction, but to actually see with a group of people, is really awesome.”A similar three-episode screening was held in New York City Wednesday night — minus the red carpet.On Friday, the second episode of The Mandalorian debuts on Disney+.Disney is the parent company of ABC News.Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more