Inner Strength

first_imgIndia is the country of sages like Balmiki, Vedvyas, Mahavir Jain, Mahatma Buddha, Guru Nanak and many more. Balmiki and Vedvyasa saw the turmoil of Hindu’s God life and also noted them in the form of great epics such as The Ramayana and Mahabharata. The one epic “Ramayana” is the story of duty of a human being as a son, brother, husband and a king and his wife Sita who was left by her husband in pregnancy because of a washerman who questioned about her character.  She was weak when she was in Ravana’s Lanka and when her husband left her during pregnancy because she loves her husband more than her “self-respect’. Later on, when her son fought back to their father and the king Ram wants her to be with her she declined because now she does not want to crush her “self-respect” anymore. It shows that when a lady learns about her inner strength or self- respect she can lead her life without her male-counter-part.The Mahabharata, on the other hand, covers all colours of life where the extended family members Karva and Pandava was fighting for their property, a woman like Kunti is having a son before marriage but did not declare this fact in front of society. Bhism Pitamaha as a dutiful son and a person who knows how to control his own senses and left all his legal rights to fulfil the wish of his father. This epic also throws light on the multiple marriage system of a woman at that time. This epic throws light how ambition plays an important role and if a disabled person does not treat well then his/ her hide ambition become the cause of fight in the family and Dhritrastra was that person in the epic whereas Bhism Pitamaha and Gndhari are the characters who represent the inner strength to give up materialistic pleasure in the case of Bhishma whereas in the case of Gandhari voluntarily giving up her power to vision things by binding blindfold because her husband is blind.Later on, Mahavira who was the founder of Jainism and Mahatma Buddha who was the founder of Buddhism both were of the king but left their kingdoms because of the power of their inner- strength and self-realization that whole world is an illusion. Guru Nanak who was the founder of Sikhism and first guru of the Sikhs was also had inner- strength and realisation of the illusion of this world from his childhood. He was born in the 15th Century. His way was different from Mahavir and Buddha din not denounce his married life with Sulakhani. He gave a new concept of “Ek Onkar” or God is one.At present we can cite the e.g of inner strength in these small personalities. The most recent is Jyoti Kumari who drove her father on cycle up to Bihar. Our PM is also the best example of inner-strength who was a tea-seller in his early life and running a country like India and it’s his second inning. In fact, it is the inner strength of a person who provides her/him the power to be different from others.last_img read more