Custom MMIC Receives Outstanding Performance Award from Lockheed Martin

first_imgLockheed Martin awarded Custom MMIC an outstanding performance award for their exemplary work in helping Lockheed deliver crucial missions to their customers. Lockheed Martin recognized 27 small business suppliers that made exemplary contributions to its Missiles and Fire Control business area’s products and services in 2018. For more than 20 years, Lockheed Martin has celebrated small business suppliers’ successful efforts in providing quality goods and services and outstanding support.Paul Blount, President and CEO of Custom MMIC, and Charlie Trantanella, Chief Scientist, attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the Custom MMIC team. Custom MMIC offers both hands-on design through testing services, and a growing library of system-ready designs. They are experienced in GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP, and InGaP HBT and have established relationships with the leading foundries in these technologies. They specialize in RF through millimeter-wave circuits for satellite communications, radar systems, cellular infrastructure, consumer electronics, VSAT, and point-to-point radio systems.last_img read more

Ravens D.J. Fluker brings experience and incredible bulk to right guard competition

first_imgGeneral Manager did a great job of assembling a solidgroup of candidates comprised of three players that are on rookie contracts anda veteran on a low-risk high reward one-year deal. The vet is formerfirst-round pick DJ Fluker who brings two of the most appealing attributes thatteam’s look for in a potential starter, actual starting experience at the NFLlevel, and great size. Having played on three different teams in the lastfour years, Fluker knows that the NFL can be shrewd business and that teamscould choose to go in a different direction at any position at any time for amyriad of reasons. This harsh reality has instilled in him the mindset thatnothing is promised, everything is earned and even if you do your job to thebest of your abilities at a proficient level, there’s no such thing as jobsecurity. Therefore he must treat every opportunity as if he were alreadyunemployed because that could be the case. “I watched Yanda for a long time. He’s a greatguard,” Fluker said on “The Lounge” podcast via the officialteam website. “Those are big shoes to fill. Yanda did his thing. That’swhat he was known for, being physical and tough. But what I can do is bemyself, be who I am. Be the person that comes out every single day, works hard,be physical, and impose my will on people. That’s me. That’s D.J. – alwayspassionate about football. That’s what I can give you.” Competing with Fluker for the starting right guardposition in training camp that is tentatively set to open in mid-July accordingto reports is rising sophomore Ben Powers who the Ravens selected in the fourthround of last year’s draft out of Oklahoma and started in the last game of theseason when the team rested several starters and a pair of rookies from thisyear’s class that includes third-round pick Tyree Phillips (Mississippi State)and fourth-round pick Ben Bredeson (Michigan). Phillips played outside at offensive tackle incollege, but projects move inside to guard at the next level. He has the sizeand physicality to become the next Kelechi Osemele who the Ravens drafted in2012 out of Southern Missouri, played left tackle and college, and became a ProBowl guard in the NFL. Bredeson is a quality depth option with the upside tobecome a starter in this league, is built like Yanda but slightly taller andheavier, and given the right coaching could become a technically soundhigh-level starter. “He’s like the modern-day Michael Vick,” Flukersaid. “I’ve never seen a kid so fast. That kid’s got some crazy, crazy talent.It’s going to be an awesome experience to play with him. He’s a smart player,he’s a great player, his teammates all love him. “A Super Bowl ring would mean the world tome,” Fluker said. “We’ve got something to work towards. We’ve got tofigure out how we’re going to do it. It’s all about winning and being a teamand having that bond. I’m excited to be a part of that.” “Yanda was a great player. He does things thatmost guys can’t do,” Fluker said. “But my thing is taking guys offthe ball. Moving guys to where they need to be. I move people. That’s what I’mgood at.” In addition to his incredible hulkish size andstrength, Fluker brings championship mentality to the table as well. While hehas yet to make it past the second round of the playoffs in his professionalcareer, as a member of the Crimson Tide from 2009-2012, he was a part of threenational title-winning teams during the birth of the Nick Saban dynasty. He isas motivated as ever to be apart of a championship-winning team at this leveland joining the Ravens who went 14-2 last season and are poised to be a topcontender again in this year is as great of a landing spot as he could ask for. If he were to win the starting guard position next toright tackle Orlando Brown Jr that would give the Ravens nearly 700 pounds ofmass on the right side of their offensive line that could flatten defenders atthe first and second levels of the defense while opening up semi-truck sizedrushing lanes on the ground and keep Jackson upright when he drops back topass.Please follow and like us: Almost every offensive lineman will admit that theyenjoy and prefer run blocking to pass protecting. With the former, they are theones on the attack and paving the way for their ball carriers whereas, with thelater, they are always retreating into their pass sets while quick-twitchworld-class athletes with herculean strength that come in a variety of shapesand sizes charge at them full steam ahead with momentum. center_img Fluker is no expectation and relishes in theopportunity to impose his will on another superior athlete to clear rushinglanes for his running backs and in the case of the Ravens, his quarterback.Playing for a team that produced the most prolific rushing attack in leaguehistory, broke single-season records in 2019, and is still dedicated to arun-first philosophy makes a road grader like Fluker an ideal fit in theRavens’ downhill power running scheme. Powers had the inside track before Fluker arrived andis the most familiar with the offense since he has a year in the system underhis belt but after spending nearly a decade in the league and playing inseveral different blocking schemes for multiple teams, the veteran is moreadept to picking up new playbooks and learning them in a short period of time. He spent the last two seasons with the SeattleSeahawks and just barely 24 hours following his release on April 27th, theRavens pounced at the opportunity to bring in the prized veteran free agent ona one year deal on April 28th and the signing was made official on May 11th.The Seahawks drafted LSU guard Damien Lewis in the third round of this year’sdraft days before Fluker was released in a move that freed up $3.7 million incap space and the expectation for the rookie is that he will slide into hisspot in the starting lineup. Speaking of his new quarterback, the reigning league MVPLamar Jackson has been a magnet for veteran players this offseason who desireto be apart of the special journey that the Ravens intend to embark on thisseason. Every newly acquired Raven this offseason has expressed how much theyhave marveled at Jackson’s electric playmaking ability from afar dating back tohis Heisman trophy-winning days at Louisville and how they can’t wait to playand practice with him because they know that iron sharpens iron and that it’sbetter to be on the side that is wielding the dual-edged—or should I saydual-threat—sword that is the Ravens’ franchise quarterback on the receivingend. Experience can only be gained with time put in theleague and interior linemen play one of the roughest and toughest positions inthe sport. They define trench ware fare and rarely ever have a play where theirjersey doesn’t get dirtied. Fluker has started 88 games for three differentteams during his first seven years in the league since getting drafted 11thoverall by the then San Diego Chargers out of the University of Alabama. The competition to replace future Hall of Fame offensive guard Marshal Yanda who retired this offseason after 13 years of being one of the pillars of the franchise will be arguably the Baltimore Ravens’ fiercest position battle in training camp. “My job right now is playing like I don’t have a job,” Fluker said. “That’s my mindset every single season. Come in there, work my [butt] off. That’s what I do. I’m going to be in the lineup somewhere, hopefully.” He is listed at 6-foot-5 and 342 pounds, he’s twoinches taller and 37 pounds heavier than Yanda was listed at last season—he’sprobably 137 pounds heavier than what the eight-time Pro Bowler weighs now ifyou’ve seen any of his post-retirement photos. With great size, comes greatpower and strength and Fluker has both in spades to go along with his enormousframe and build. He’s a mauler in the ground game who moves incredibly well forsomeone his size and is a self-proclaimed “people mover”. “Maybe they wanted (someone) younger,” saidFluker, who has been training in Seattle during the offseason. “Maybe theywant a different type of player. I can’t speak for that. But I can come inhere, show what I am as a person and a football player. I’m going to be myself.I promise, you’re going to love watching me.last_img read more